Online Master Class / Keep Your Contractors on Time, on Budget, and Under Control

Saturday, October 22 Online
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM with Jerry Fink


The folks who are doing work on your properties can literally make or break your deal—ESPECIALLY in a market where prices are dropping, and your holding times might well be longer than you’re used to.
And since getting the RIGHT ones is a process involving finding them, agreeing on a scope of work and price, using the right contracts, and pulling the plug when things don’t go as planned, we’re devoting an entire online workshop to how to plan and manage this process.

Jerry Fink, a real-life retailer and rental owner with over 35 years’ experience finding and managing contractors, will be your guide, and you’ll learn all of this:
 -Where to find good contractors
-Why a detailed scope of work is the key to avoiding expensive ‘misunderstandings’
-How to use it to set ‘milestones’ so that you, and your workers, know exactly how much money will exchange hands and when
-How to put together a scope of work that will save you so much money, hassle, and insomnia you’ll never go back to doing it the ‘old way’
-How to avoid paying big upfront deposits to get work started
-Who should pay for the materials
-How to get the work done in the right timeframe with a single clause in your contract
-How to avoid unexpected (and much-dreaded) “contractor liens”

When you attend, you’ll get:
1. An excel template that lets you easily put together a scope of work for any job from a full rehab to a rental turnover
2. A detailed contracting agreement that sets your deal with the contractor in stone, and includes such important clauses as penalties for not finishing the work on time
3. A unique “contractor screening form” that will help you objectively decide whether to hire a particular contractor, or not
4. Recordings of the entire workshop for your permanent real estate library

As always, this workshop comes with a full moneyback guarantee—you’ll be convinced that the bonus materials ALONE are worth more than the tuition, or your money back!

REGISTER HERE Members: $47, Non-members $97

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How I’d Make a Million in the Next 2 Years In TODAY’S Market, Starting from Scratch.

Monday, October 10 / 5:30 – 9:00 PM
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville TN

5:30 Break Out Sessions
Ask The Pro – Rich Harris and Aubrey Hiam
Commercial Investors – Tyler Cauble
Real Estate 101 – Jeff Ley

7:00 Main Event 
How I’d Make a Million in the Next 2 Years In TODAY’S Market, Starting from Scratch.

Does that sound like the title of a session that’s going to end with a course for sale? It’s not. Instead, we posed this question to some of the most successful investors and flippers we know from around our area: “If you had to start from scratch in this crazy market, with no cash or resources other than what you know, could you be a millionaire again in 2 years?”

The answer across the board was, “Of course!…
…So now we’re putting them on a panel to tell you, step by step, exactly how they’d do it. These real-life investors have over 150 years of combined experience to inform their real-world advice about the best ways to:
– Make money with money or without money in up, down, and sideways market
– The resources you need to gather NOW that aren’t money or deals
– The roads NOT to go down
– And oh, so much more.

This meeting is a once in a lifetime chance to gather hard-won, in-the-trenches advice from people who’ve reached the summit so that you can do the same thing—faster and with fewer bumps in your road.

Meet our amazing panelists:

Sharon Conour
Over 2 decades ago, Sharon began with 0 properties and $0. Her “big goal” and singular focus was to own 1 property. Since achieving that first deal (a ‘twisted house hack’), she expanded into small apartment complexes, STR, flipping her personal residences, buy/holds and notes. These days she focuses on bridge loans, and commercial investments such as medical and business offices.

Jeff Ley
Jeff is the founder and owner of Jeff Ley Real Estate, Inc., a full service real estate brokerage focusing on single family property management. Jeff is an honorably discharged decorated veteran of the USAF, a Past President of REIN, and passionate about all things real estate with multiple transactions completed in rehabbing, wholesaling, and rentals.

Greg Self
Greg’s been involved in 500+ transactions since 2001: wholesaling, fix & flip retailing, single family rentals, multi-family, short-term rentals, hard money lending, residential assisted living, realtor, and property management. He and his wife have built a successful assisted living brand in less than 3 years.

Josephine Saffert
Joséphine, a German native, came to the Nashville area as a D1-Track athlete recruit in 2011. Joséphine sponsored her green card by providing ground-up housing opportunities and adding to the American economy as a young real estate developer. At 26 years old, she developed four new homes to revitalize a community that has been crucial to the growth and safety around Chestnut Hill.

Heather Warf
Heather Warf began her real estate experience at just 3 years old, helping her home-builder father by putting on face plates and other simple jobs. At 13, she bought her first single family rental property. Recently she managed a 53-unit apartment community from acquisition through repositioning and a profitable sale.


Online Class October 8th 

How to Build a Credibility Kit and Get More Bank and Private Financing / Robert Mohon

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM Online


Do you want more access to private money, bank lines of credit, and partners to fund your rehabs, rentals, notes, and other assets?
         Of course you do. We ALL do.
         So it’s time you put do something that’s proven to work, but which very few of your competitors will bother to put together: a credibility kit to put into the hands of people with money, to show them why THEY should want to work with YOU.
         And no, you don’t have to be an experienced investor, or have tons of assets, or a degree in real estate, to develop a credibility kit that will put you head and shoulders above your so-called ‘competitors’ where it comes to getting the funding you need.

In this online workshop, you’ll find out:
– Why there’s a lot more to consistently, easily, getting funding for deals than just “Filling out the FNMA form”, or your credit score, or any of the other things you think about when you think “loan application”
– How a credibility kit sets you apart from every other investor asking for money, whether it’s from your local bank or a private lender
– Everything you should include to make private lenders, bankers, partners, and other money people take you seriously, whether you happen to be brand new to the real estate business, or an old pro
– How you can make your credibility kit look professional for not much cost
– When and how to use it
– How to use your credibility kit to tap equity you didn’t even know you had to get down payments and repair funding

Your instructor is Robert Mohon, past president of Real Estate Investors of Nashville (REIN), multi-decade veteran of the credit industry, and an “Ender” who’s borrowed millions of dollars to buy dozens of houses using exactly the technique he’s sharing in this workshop.

But wait, there’s more…EVERYONE WHO REGISTERS gets:

  1. A template kit with a list of documents and information to include (which you can modify for your particular situation
  2. An easy-to-use excel spreadsheet that lets you keep all of your important numbers in the same place, and update them for the next time you need to borrow money
  3. Recordings of the class for your library

 Here’s the best news of all: it’s CHEAP!

REIN members pay just $127 to attend; non-members are $177—and that’s if you wait until the last minute to register. Register by October 6th, and it’s just $97 for members, $147* for non-members  

*(or, instead of paying $50 more, you can BECOME a member right here for just $25 a month and experience ALL the benefits of membership all month long…)

And, as always, you’ll agree that this unique, detailed workshop will pay you back IN REAL RESULTS, or we’ll give you your money back!

Saturday Online Class

How to Earn 6 Figures in 6 Months in Short Sales with Dwan Bent-Twyford


September 24th / 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM Online

Make Money Helping Sellers in Foreclosure (and Getting Great Deals with Short Sales)

Mortgage defaults have skyrocketed nationwide, and thanks to the foreclosure moratorium, tens of thousands of potential sellers need your help to negotiate with banks overloaded with ‘bad’ loans that will otherwise go to foreclosures, if you know how ‘short sales’ work, you can help owners exit homes they can’t afford, and get great deals in the process. This workshop shows you how to find those sellers, work with banks, what to do when the bank says ‘no’, and how to build a short sale business while this opportunity lasts.

Members $47, non-members $97 through September 22nd.

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Our online Saturday workshops are now nationally known for their depth of education and super affordable, money-back guaranteed attendance fees. And we’re heading into fall with a great lineup of up-to-the-minute topics and skill-building presentations for you to choose from.

They’re all “live” on Zoom, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch to learn, or ask questions, and interact with our experts and your fellow wealth seekers. And they’re also all recorded, and you’ll get a download for your real estate library of every single one you register for.

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Saturday In Person Seminar:

Save Taxes, Protect Your Assets, Supercharge Your Retirement Plans / John Hyre

REGISTER HERE to learn… Whatever You Want to Know About Saving Taxes, Protecting Your Assets, And Supercharging Your IRA or 401K

                   If you are interested in top quality tax & asset protection education (and a lot of Q&A) you’ll be with us LIVE, in person, on the 17th to find out:

 What your attorney didn’t tell you about structuring your business for both tax savings AND asset protection: like why all that expensive asset protection you’ve invested in will get blown away like a Kleenex in a hurricane in court, unless you’re following the proper corporate formalities (and 99% of real estate investors don’t even know how to do that, but you’ll learn it in this workshop)

 Why something you’ve probably never looked at seriously—Opportunity Zone Investing—is the best tax break EVER, and how pending legislation might make it even better

 What “Real Estate Professional Status” really means, and why you need to be vigilant about getting and maintaining it (unless you just LIKE paying too much tax every year)

 Why “Checkbook LLCs” are often a bad idea given new case law – and when they are still a good idea

 How to get tax-free income AND tax deductions—and also how to do financed deals in your IRA that minimize or eliminate UBIT (and if you don’t know what UBIT is or why it’s bad, you DEFINITELY need to be here) and a discussion of Hyre’s favorite SDIRA/401k planning techniques.

 How your Roth (that’s tax-free) 401K can flip houses (or run another business) and—get this—pay you a salary to work for it. Yes, legally.

 Important tax & entity structuring details for short-term rentals – including when they are treated as “rentals”, when they are treated as “hotels” – and why it matters a lot.

And, Best of All…

 When you register (in advance, of course), you’ll get the chance to send in questions you’d like to hear answered ahead of time, and John will answer as many of them as time permits!