Online Master Class – How to Partner Your Way to Wealth

Saturday November 12th
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM Online

How to Partner Your Way to Wealth in the Downturn with “Equity Sharing Agreements”
Presented by Dave Corsi

      Everyone knows the market is slowing, and that sellers are getting more motivated, and that this will go on for at least a year. In fact, the smartest, most seasoned investors you know are gearing up to buy as many deals as they can during this recession.
      The problem is, borrowing money is getting more expensive at the same time.
      And that means that even at lower prices, your cash flow properties might not cash flow.

So, What’s the Very Best Way to Grab These Bargains While the Grabbin’s Good?

Dave Corsi says that it’s time to revive a time-tested strategy that most investors have forgotten:
Equity Sharing Agreements
      Equity sharing lets people with money partner up with people with deals in a way that gets BOTH partners the wealth-building, cash flow, and tax breaks they want—and it’s one of the most flexible, adaptable, and exciting techniques you can have in your toolbox in a high interest rate market. He’s been doing these deals for 3 DECADES, and he’s going to spend a Saturday showing you how to do them, too.
      You’ll learn:
 – Why giving (or getting) equity in a deal often works better than borrowing (or lending) money
 – How to find equity sharing “partners”, and what to look for in one
 – How equity sharing can help homebuyers afford houses in a rising interest rate world, and give you an amazing long-term wealth building and tax saving opportunity
 – How to make every deal a Win-Win—with examples of how different equity sharing agreements are constructed differently, depending on the needs of the “cash partner” and the “work partner”
 – How you can use Equity Sharing with OTHER creative real estate techniques (like Subject to, owner carrybacks, and so on) to make EVEN BETTER deals

Members are $47 and Non-Members $97* through November 10th ($67 and $127 after), and as always this workshop comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: you’ll be convinced that it was a day well spent, or we’ll refund your tuition!

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