October Main Event

October Main Event
How I’d Make a Million in 2 Years or Less (Starting from Scratch)

In Person ONLY
at Oak Hill Assembly
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville TN 

5:00 – Food Truck & Networking

5:30 – Breakout Sessions
Real Estate Investing 101
Ask The Pro
Advanced Investors Group
New Member Orientation

6:45 – Market Updates
Join us for market updates with REIN President Elliott Hallum

7:00 – Main Event 
Join us Monday, October 11th, for the best real estate investor meeting that ANY group can hold ANYWHERE. We’re bringing in some of the most successful investors in the whole USA who have made at least a million in real estate, using various strategies from apartments, to AirBNBs, to flipping, to notes. They’ll tell us how they’d do it AGAIN if they lost everything and had to make it back in 2 years in today’s market.

This event is always REALLY enlightening because every million-dollar earner has very DIFFERENT ways that they would approach a challenge like this. You’ll get TONS of pearls of wisdom that will help you get where they are, only faster.

Between them, they have something north of 170 years of experience and thousands of transactions under their belts. It’s that experience they’ll use to tell YOU about the best ways to make money WITH money, or WITHOUT money, the resources you need to gather NOW, the roads to NOT go down, what you MUST avoid, and more. This meeting is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to gather hard-won, in-the-trenches advice from people who’ve reached the summit you’re climbing toward now.

Vena Jones-Cox – Panel Moderator
– Investing 30+ years
– Day Job: hiking, biking, napping, caring for animals, and working her 4-hour work week
– Special Designations: OPHP, Executive Director of the 2 largest real estate investor associations in Ohio, two-decade host of a wildly popular NPR radio program
– Loves: wholesaling, creative deal structuring, and managed buy and hold rentals
– Investment Philosophy: find the right people, give them the right tools, and get out of their way

Dave Corsi
– Investing 38 years
– Special Interests: President of the Metro New Jersey Real Estate Investors Association, MLO and realtor licenses; ran for Congress twice, hosted 2 long-running radio shows, and teaches classes in NJ and NY
– Loves: rentals and rehabs to keep or flip, with special focus on Dodd-Frank issues

Jerry Fink
– Investing 40 years
– Special Designations: OPHP; Super Volunteer for several real estate investor groups in Ohio; part-time Florida resident
– Loves: rentals (120 unit apartment building) and rehabs (225 completed)
– Investment Philosophy: Build your Team to realize your dream

Karla Kuhn
– Investing 20 years
– Former Day Job: Occupational Therapy and part-time house hacker
– Special Designations: PHP, Association Director for Upstate Carolina REIA
– Loves: creating cash flow through a history of apartments, nice houses, super cheap houses, mobile homes, and notes
– Investment Philosophy: “I love sharing ideas and watching others succeed.”

Kathie Russell
– Investing 30+ years
– Day Job: licensed real estate attorney, consultant, mentor, and serial entrepreneur
– Special Designations: President of Triangle REIA in Raleigh, NC
– Loves: STRs, buy and hold rentals, and fix and flip deals
– Investment Philosophy: Just do it. Set a goal and find the people and tools to get it done.

Sam Warf
– Investing 20+ years
– Day Job: Making sure others are doing their jobs; working local food donation sites
– Special Designations: Passive Income and Family Bank Expert
– Loves: rural rental properties he can renovate and add value to.
– Investment Philosophy: Help enough other people get what they want, and you’ll get everything you want.

Register now and join us Monday, October 11, 2021 for one of the best REIN Main Events ever!

September Main Event

How to Build Your Wealth at Warp Speed
Chuck and Gina Biter

Monday September 13th
5:30 – 9:00
Oak Hill Assembly
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville


There are so many aspects to real estate investing, wouldn’t it be nice to learn from someone who has tried and succeeded at several different strategies?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could learn from someone who actually invests in Middle Tennessee, someone who knows the current market, knows what works, and could help you make profits like they have?

Look no further Middle Tennessee investors…. because our very own Chuck and Gina Biter will be headlining this month and you HAVE to be there! Leaders of the Clarksville focus group and longtime investors, the Biters have built proven systems to grow and expand their business. They have developed cutting edge strategies that produce high profits no matter what the market is doing.

Chuck and Gina Biter are known for “Wealth Building at Warp Speed”. In the Spring of 2013, while both working full time jobs, they decided to also become full time real estate investors! To do this, they had to build out organizational systems and hire a quality team to make it happen. During the first 18 months after this decision, they did 28 deals!

Out of the first 28 properties they did, some were flips and some were rental properties that they still own today. But, NONE of them were bank financed. They were able to negotiate seller financing using creative offers. They built up a large rental portfolio while flipping properties for fast cash! They found private money lenders to keep their business moving. In the past 8 years, they have renovated over 100 homes. Yes, over 100!

Chuck and Gina live in Clarksville, Tennessee. Chuck is a fourth-generation Clarksvillian and takes great pride in living in the Middle Tennessee area. He has been involved in teaching and coaching well over 1,000 real estate investors in the past 6 years. Their passion is in their faith, family, community, and those less fortunate. They use their success to support organizations such as Hope to Haiti and Caring House Project. They have also worked with Habitat for Humanity to provide a home for a local family. Chuck and Gina have been married for over 30 years. They have 3 grown children, four grandchildren, and a new grandbaby on the way!

Chuck and Gina will be with us at our Main Event on Monday, September 13 to share their secrets for how to accelerate and grow your real estate investing business.

They will be teaching you about:
• Wholesaling for Fast Cash
• How to Build a Large Rental Portfolio with Little to No Money
• How to Select the Best Contractors and Employees
• The Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make and How to Avoid Them
• Building Tax Free Wealth
• How to Invest in Any Market
• Scaling Your Business for Multiple Projects

August Saturday Class

Virtual Property Inspection and Repair Estimation Tour

Jerry Fink
Online August 28th
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM central

Register HERE
Members: $97
Non-Members: $197

Do YOU need to get better at:

  1. Inspecting houses
  2. Determining what does and doesn’t need to be done to them
  3. Coming up with real, investor prices to get that work done?

If you’re new-ish to the real estate world, the answer is probably, “Heck, yeah.”

Miscalculating repair costs (and therefore offering sellers too much money for their houses) is the #1 reason that:

  • Wholesalers can’t sell deals
  • Retailers lose money
  • Rental housing providers don’t get the return on investment they’d hoped, and
  • Private lenders get into bad deals

On August 28th, you have a unique opportunity to “walk through” 3 properties, via video, with expert rehabber/cost estimator Jerry Fink, getting a detailed look at HOW he inspects, what he looks for, and most importantly, how he decides what needs to be repaired, what needs to be redone, and what can be left alone based on the end use of the property.

When you register, you’ll get:

  • Jerry’s 90 minute “The (Necessary) Art of Estimating Repair Costs Right” class, delivered straight to your inbox (you’ll need to watch this BEFORE you come on Saturday)

 His detailed property inspection checklist, which you’ll need when you go to properties yourself, so that you don’t miss anything when you’re on your own

 His repair cost “cheat sheet”, which will be your basis for quickly estimating the costs that INVESTORS pay (that’s different than what home owners pay, or what do-it-yourselfers pay) for all the major repair items you’ll see in most properties

 5 hours of live, interactive training on August 28th, where you’ll ‘see’ the properties, talk through what needs to be done to them and why, and come up with real offers based on the real repair costs

 The recordings of the August 28th class for your learning library

Classes like this one usually cost up to $1,000, since there’s usually an expensive bus rental involved and a maximum attendance of 10-20 people (because, you know, only a certain number of people can actually fit in a standard-sized kitchen).

But thanks to the magic of Zoom, we’ve been able to bring your price for this skill-building day all the way down to $97 for members, $197 for non-members (if you register by August 25th; you’ll need at least a couple of days to do the ‘pre-work’, so we’re cutting off registration then).

You’ll get 10x the value in new knowledge, better ability to make the right offer, and more confidence in doing that, though— and if you don’t agree, just ask for your money back, and we’ll give it to you.

 Register now, and you’ll get the “Art of Estimating Repair Costs Right” video, the Inspection Checklist, and the Repair Cost Cheat Sheet to start on right away.

 Register HERE—and members, remember to log in to get your discount!

August Main Event

How These REIN Women are Building an Empire

In Person at Oak Hill Assembly
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville TN 
Or on Zoom online (link emailed once registered)

Register HERE

5:00 – Food Truck & Networking

5:30 – Breakout Sessions
Real Estate Investing 101
Matt Anderson – Business Structure
Ask The Pro
Tim Davis – Fix & Flip

6:45 – Market Updates
Join us for market updates with REIN President Elliott Hallum

7:00 – Main Event

Looking for Million Dollar Business Strategies?
Want to Create More Passive Income?
Seeking a “Maximum Mindset”?

Join us for The Main Event either online or in person on Monday, August 9, and meet our panel of Real Estate Investing Superstars. These ladies are high achievers who will share:
– How to Build Your Own Empire on Your Terms
– How to Scale to 7 Figures
– Operations and Team Building Tactics
– Million-Dollar Marketing Ideas and Strategies
– Techniques to Improve Your Wealth and Life Balance
If you’re new and looking to launch, experienced and needing to validate, or experienced and seeking what’s next, THIS MAIN EVENT IS FOR YOU! 

Jennifer Perkins
6-years in, she’s done flipping, wholesaling, BRRRR, new construction, development and now self storage development and acquisition. She was inspired to start investing by the book “Why We Want You to Be Rich” and goes to as many REIN meetings as she can to learn and hang with like-minded people.
Moren Adenubi
Investing since 2010, she’s brought knowledge of brokering, buy & hold, and new construction to both buyers and sellers. She loves the REIN community and amazing knowledge shared at meetings. She’s also worked in property management and REOs giving her a unique and special knowledge of our market.
Sharon Conour
She’s keeping her most profitable buy and hold rentals, while selling underperformers and moving that money into passive syndications, creative financing, and notes. Her history is ‘always doing REI and something else, too’, like being a computer engineer. The REIN community is ‘the center of her RE universe even with holdings are in other areas.
Allison Bohen
New to town in 2016 with very little money, she has built certainty, stability, and a tribe of strong supporters for her investing vision. After watching fellow REIN members’ net worth shoot up with single-family rentals, she strives to create passive income like they have. Allison is well on her way to having a diversified portfolio.
Laurie Woods
Launching 18 months ago, Laurie uses her corporate background, management skills, and family investment gene to bring phenomenal results to her fix & flip business. Mentoring programs she found through REIN have given her the confidence, tools, and mental toughness to build a successful investing company.

July Main Event

How to Make 6 Figures in 6 Months in Real Estate Investing
Bill & Dwan Twyford

Live In Person at Oak Hill Assembly
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville TN


5:00 Food Truck and Networking

5:30 Breakout Sessions
Real Estate Investing 101
Short Term Rentals – Not all rentals are created equal!
Join us Monday, July 12th when Roger Poulin will talk about the do’s and don’ts of short term rentals (STR). You will learn about the local political climate surrounding STRs. We will compare rentals in Music City to the beach locations. How does the net income of a STR compare to traditional rentals? You will learn some pro tips for maximizing cash flow. We will meet before the main event. This month it starts at 6 PM on Monday, July 12th. Bring your friends!
Ask The Pro
Chad Lautt

6:45 Market Updates
Join us for market updates with REIN President Elliott Hallum

7:00 Main Event / How to Make 6 Figures in 6 Months in Real Estate Investing

Bill Twyford, The Real Estate Rock Star, is one of the most sought-after speakers in America. He is the perfect fit for any live event, is well-versed in many topics, and can speak for corporate America as well as real estate/investing groups. He is one of the most successful investors in America and he contributes his success to his strong communication skills.

Bill has been reaching into corporate America for many years. He specializes in teaching business people “strategic communication skills” that they need to achieve higher success. Bill is a true asset to any corporate meeting and can address many topics including, but not limited to:

– Vamping Sales
– Strategic Communication Skills
– Sales Training
– Creative Financing with Real Estate Investing
– No-Equity and High Equity Foreclosures
– Business Planning
– Personal Trainer to your employees
– Communication Mastery
– Application based NLP techniques

In fact, Bill is the perfect person for a keynote speech, a selling machine, as well as a razor-sharp trainer. His rock star approach to life makes him a speaker to remember. Your corporate group will never forget him and when they implement what he teaches your sales will go through the roof.

Many people are under the misconception that there isn’t any “money” on the streets anymore. They don’t believe they can start their own business, they believe the economy is too bad, and so on. Bill knows a little know secret – there are millions of people sitting on money with no idea how to invest it.

His vast knowledge of how folks can invest their IRA, savings, and cash makes him a natural for high-end audiences. He shows people how to buy Notes – the paperwork associated with a mortgage. There are millions of mortgages that are not being paid as we speak. Bill will share how your audience can invest in this “bad paper” and turn it into gold!

– Note Buying is the hottest real estate investing strategy on the market right now. It’s exciting, it’s what is trending now, and Bill is the #1 person in the country covering this exciting topic.
– Communication is his hottest topic… it’s where the tire meets the pavement in every business. He is a natural at this topic. This is a fun and educational presentation.
– Bankruptcy is also a hot topic. People love to hear how they can buy-time to get their deals closed or to help the homeowners they are working with buy time before they must move.
– Homeowner Options is something most speakers can’t discuss intelligently. Bill will share the 10 Options that distressed homeowners have (which entail working with your investors) which makes him a huge crowd pleaser.

Save your seat today! REGISTER HERE