October Main Event

How To Earn 5 Figures A Month Wholesaling In A Recession

Vena Jones-Cox


Here at Real Estate Investors of Nashville it’s our job to keep you up to date on the best ways to make money in real estate, no matter what’s happening ‘out there’.

And this month, we’re doing that by bringing you one of the most experienced wholesalers in the U.S., to share her experiences and advice about building your wholesaling business during the very-different 2020 and 2021 markets.

Vena has an all-new presentation that will show you:

• Why wholesaling may be the strategy that saves you in a tough economy (it saved her in 2008-2010, and she’ll show you how)
• What’s going to be very different about the next 24 months or so for wholesalers. Hint: it’s who your best buyers are.
• The one skill that will make or break your wholesaling income right now
• What’s happening with sellers right now: they’re selling, but for different reasons than before
• Why it’s more important than ever WHEN you get paid your assignment fee
• Plus, she’ll answer questions about the current market!

This meeting is ONLINE, so you need a link to join us on October 12th at 6:00 PM; get that at www.reintn.org/calendar and spend your evening with us, learning to prosper in the coming ‘down’ market!

Every attendee gets a free copy of Vena’s detailed “Wholesaling Process” system, so make sure you’re there!


September Main Event, The Necessary Art of Estimating Rehab Costs

The Necessary Art of Estimating Rehab Costs Right – with Jerry Fink


This month, we’re taking the opportunity presented by online meetings for a giant meeting on Monday, September 14th, on a topic EVERY real estate investor, wholesaler, private lender, and landlord needs to know about.

We’ll share info about the overall market, what deals look like in Tennessee, and more…Plus, you’ll get the excellent, up-to-the-minute instruction you’re here for…all without starting your car…
Because this meeting is via GoToMeeting, you MUST pre-register on the REIN website to get your link to join!

Here’s what you’ll find out when you join us:

6:00-6:40  RE 101 Early Workshop

6:45-7:00  Market Update with REIN President Elliott Hallum, what’s happening with prices, inventory, and sales in Nashville and around the mid-state and what to expect in the months to come.

7:00-9:00 The Main Event – The (Necessary) Art of Estimating Rehab Costs RIGHT with Jerry Fink
In any market, estimating rehab costs is an important skill. But in a cold market, it’s a CRUCIAL one, because you don’t have rising house prices and desperate buyers to save you from a mistake.

We ALL have to have this skill if we want to make good offers and good deals: retailers, of course, but also wholesalers, landlords, even note buyers and private lenders, have to have a keen understanding of the cost to bring their properties (or their buyer’s properties, or their security) into good condition.

At this meeting, super-experienced landlord (as in, bought his first rental in 1986) / retailer (as in, has managed well over 200 rehabs, including a 100 unit apartment building) Jerry Fink will share:

• The steps to tackling the rehab estimation process: what to do BEFORE you make an offer, how to write an offer so you can get out of it if you’re wrong, and what to do AFTER the offer is accepted to make sure you got it right before you close

• The differences between estimating costs on a rental vs. a bread-and-butter rehab vs. a move-up rehab (they can be as much as 50%, no kidding)

• Why you ALWAYS assume that you, or your buyer, or your borrower, will hire professionals and pull permits, even if that’s not what you’d do

• How to stay on top of rehab costs as they change, as they always do in chaotic times

• Actual costs of all the major rehab categories: roofs, gutters, windows, drywall, kitchens, baths, and more…

In fact, everyone who ATTENDS will get a rehab ‘cheat sheet’ of all costs of typical rehab items broken down by category! If you’re not there, don’t even ask: Jerry usually only releases this to people who’ve paid him a bunch of money for his services, and this is his special #CrisisBlessing for attendees only!

Do we even need to say it? You need to be glued to your computer or tablet on September 14th for this…

Not a REIN member? Join now at www.reintn.org/join

Free New Investor Webclass, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC:

What the Most Successful Investors You Know Have that You (Probably) Don’t.

Monday, August 17th 7:00-8:30 p.m. central

Here at REIN, we have 30 years’ experience observing what makes new investors successful, and it may not be what you think.

It’s not about background, or determination, or even native ability: the key is having the right approach to getting the education you need (but not paying tens of thousands of dollars ‘getting ready to get ready’), building a team of more experienced investors who can help you get started with less investment and risk, and being ready for the challenges we all face in getting off the ground.

We can provide all those pieces, but YOU have to know how to pick them up and assemble them—which is what this free webclass is all about.

You’ll learn what successful investors have, and know, and do, that sets them apart and lets them build the businesses and lives that you admire, and more importantly, how you can get them too.

Presenter Vena Jones-Cox will draw you a map of what it REALLY takes to get started fast, and to stick with real estate until it gets you the financial independence you’re looking for.

This class is free and open to any any struggling real estate investor who’s serious about putting in the time, money, and energy it takes to be financially independent—but you DO need to pre-register

August Main Event

How I’d Make A Million In 5 Years, Starting From Scratch

The Main Event 6:00 – 9:00 PM

6:00 PM Real Estate 101

This month Roger Poulin will interview real estate investor and the owner of Tennessee Home Inspectors, Aaron Schroer.  We will learn about when to get a home inspection and what to do when you can’t. What are some of the things you really need to look out for, and what are some of the things you can let slide? Don’t be late for this information-packed session on Monday, August 10th at 6 PM.

7:00 PM Main Event


Join us for the Millionaire Panel Discussion with some of our most experienced members. They’ll share how they’d make a million bucks in 5 years if they had to start all over again – with all their current knowledge and experience. Between them, they have close to 100 years experience and thousands of transactions (and mistakes) under their belts. It’s that experience they’ll use to tell YOU about the best ways to make money WITH money – or WITHOUT money, the resources you need to gather NOW, the roads to NOT go down, what to avoid, how to navigate today’s post-corona market, and more.

This meeting is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to gather hard-won, in-the-trenches advice from people who have reached the summit you’re climbing toward now.

Joining us will be Sam Warf, Courtney McCoy, Dale Hire, Josephine Saffert, and Roger Poulin



What The Federal Reserve Knows About Real Estate / Laurel Graefe, Executive of the Nashville Federal Reserve Branch

Monday July 13th, 6:00 PM online

REGISTER HERE to join us!

Pretty much anything that happens in real estate is tied to the general economy, the strength of the economy, and banking conditions. But what does that mean to you? Join us Monday, July 13th, as we hear from Laurel Graefe, and get the inside scoop on real estate and the Federal Reserve.

What are the risks today that investors should consider?
What segments of the market now are vulnerable?
How do the actions of the Fed affect real estate?
How does the economy affect the decisions the Fed makes?
How does the Fed get the information it uses to make policy?
What’s going on in the economy today?

Laurel Graefe (pronounced gray·fee) is the Regional Executive at the Nashville Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. As the senior officer leading the Federal Reserve in Nashville, she is responsible for the Branch’s board of directors and economic research activities, oversees its economic and financial education programs, and advises on monetary policy. Her work gathering and synthesizing insight from Tennessee business executives and community leaders brings Main Street perspectives to national monetary policy deliberations.

Laurel represents the Fed in regular speeches about current economic conditions, the economic outlook, and the functions and history of the U.S. central bank. Her work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and MarketWatch, among others, and has been featured on National Public Radio. She is also coauthor of The Handbook of Oil Politics, published by Routledge.

Prior to assuming her current position, Laurel served as director of the Nashville Branch’s Regional Economic Information Network and held a number of positions with the Atlanta office of the Federal Reserve, including as a director and economic policy specialist overseeing inflation and energy market analysis for the research department. She joined the Bank in 2005 specializing in international economics and labor market analysis.

So what topics will Laurel cover on Monday July 13th?

  • A short primer on the Federal Reserve and monetary policy
  • Current Employment conditions
  • Updates on the strength of consumer spending
  • The state of business vitality and business investments
  • Risks to the economic outlook
  • Risks to inflation – upside vs. downside
  • Data from the Personal Consumption Index and how it affects you