June Main Event

How to Borrow All the Money You Want from Banks / Robert Mohon


        With the Fed holding rates at historic lows, banks are DEFINITELY the best source of long-term, fixed rate financing for assets today.

        Whether you’re a starter, estate builder, or ender, you need to hear what long-time housing provider and “Professional Bank Customer” Robert Mohon knows about borrowing, building credit, and building wealth. Unlike most investors, he’s actually bothered to learn about the inner workings of the banking system, and the tips and tricks he discovered have let him (easily) borrow skads of money to build his portfolio.

Robert brings us valuable insight on:

• The 5 things that make you irresistible to lenders
• What you absolutely MUST do to protect yourself (that no banker wants you to know)
• The attitude and posture you want to have with bankers
• Why a line of credit is YOUR gold standard, and how to get a bank to agree to give you one
• The dirty but awesome secret of how banks actually work, and how you can take total (legal) advantage of it
• What a “trash bank account” is and why you need (at least) one
• The “other” credit score that you’ve never seen and only banks use
• How to boost your credit score immediately and legally

       Robert built a portfolio of single-family homes that now support him completely, using no private money or creative financing whatsoever—just his hard-won knowledge about banking and credit. Bring your borrowing and credit questions, and make real life application of this knowledge in your life today.

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Saturday June 11th Online Class

Using Lease/Options to Buy and Sell Houses with Taylor Takacs and Dave Corsi

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM Online / Register HERE

Lease/options are powerful tools: you can use them to control properties without ownership (and without the seller needing to pay capital gains taxes!) when you’re the buyer. And get big, non-refundable upfront fees plus rent plus little to no management or repair costs when you sell. Taylor and Dave will split the day between those two ‘faces’ of this powerful tool, and share their experiences with the power of lease/options (and the traps to avoid) so that you can add these strategies to YOUR real estate toolbox! 

Sign up HERE: Members $47, non-members $97

2022 continues to throw new challenges at us, and we continue to tap the most successful investors in the U.S. to show you how to make money anyway, in our detailed, inexpensive, online Saturday workshops about the most important skills and profitable strategies you can engage in right now.

They’re all online, They’re all ‘live’ on Zoom, They’ll also all be recorded, and you’ll get a download for your real estate library of every single one you register for.
*All Saturday Intensives are FREE for Express Success members; get more details at www.reintn.org/es 

CASHFLOW Game Night!

Trolley Barns 41 Peabody Street, Nashville, TN 37210
(EC entrance across from Fourth Capital) 

Led By REIN President John Hickman
Stay an hour, stay all night! Sign up HERE

Join us for a fun, casual, and fiercely competitive night of CASHFLOW! CASHFLOW is the entrepreneurial adult version of Monopoly. Actually, it’s like Monopoly on steroids. The board game simulates real-life experiences and opportunities by teaching what you need to do to create financial independence in your life (How to Get Out of the Rat Race) through Business Ownership and/or Real Estate Investing.You should join us if you:

  • Are passionate about generating passive income and attaining financial freedom
  • Want to network with other positive, like-minded people
  • Are interested in real estate, business and/or investing
  • Want to help teach your family & loved ones the essentials of financial education
  • Learn how to actually build your retirement “plan”
  • Want to have fun with us playing the CASHFLOW board game!

Even if you don’t meet all of the above criteria and are just curious, you are welcome to join us! This meetup is strictly about education and networking with like-minded investors…. AND FUN!



Saturday May 21st, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Led By: REIN Board Member Courtney McCoy

Our Nashville Homes Tours are a long-standing offering widely viewed by those attending as one of the most beneficial educational opportunities available to REIN members. Don’t miss this hands-on opportunity to learn from investors who are willing to share insights and learning experiences from their properties in the Nashville area. THIS EVENT SELLS OUT QUICKLY!

*Only those pre-registered will be allowed to go on the tour. There will be NO last minute walk ups allowed.

Saturday May 21 Online Class

Wholesaler Quick Start Day with Vena Jones-Cox

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM Online REGISTER HERE

The QuickStart Guide to Making Money Wholesaling Houses in 2022

        Wholesaling is an awesome strategy—it produces quick checks of $5,000, $10,000, or even more WITHOUT the need to fix or manage properties. It’s one of the few real estate strategies that really does allow you to make money without a lot of cash or credit.

        And heaven knows there are plenty of people willing to share their opinions about how wholesaling works—just look online, on YouTube, or on any forum.

        What those people DON’T tell you, though, is what you’re actually supposed to DO on a day-to-day basis. They don’t tell you what activities, skills, and work go into each step of the process. They don’t give you a path to follow from no deal to closing deal.

        But when you join us online on May 21st, you’ll find out exactly that:

  • What you need to be doing that you’re not doing to get your first check, or your next check
  • What you might be doing that’s a complete waste of time, and is sucking your time, energy, and confidence, because let’s face it: 2022 is a completely different market than 2021
  • The key skills you’ll need to have to make money in today’s real estate market
  • Why sellers will still sell to you for pennies on the dollar, even in the current “hot” market, if you approach the right sellers in the right way
  • How to know, for sure, every time, exactly what to offer your seller
  • How to find cash buyers for your deals FAST, and the realities of how skyrocketing interest rates and rehab costs will change this SOON
  • How to wholesale bank owned properties, short sales, and other “non-assignable” contracts
  • Why you should get paid your full fee BEFORE the closing, and how to make that happen
  • What it takes to build a real wholesaling business, where other people do most of the work
  • The top 3 reasons most people who “try to wholesale” never actually make a single dollar doing it, and how you can beat the odds, guaranteed
  • How to avoid legal problems when you wholesale

Your guide through this process is Vena Jones-Cox (a.k.a the Real Estate Goddess) the nationally respected wholesaling expert who’s done over 1,000 deals in hot markets and cold, and taught thousands of other new wholesalers how to get past the painful, frustrating “I really want this, but I don’t know what to do and I’m not making any money” stage of beginnerhood.

        If you’re looking for a real-life, experience-based, warts-and-all look at what you’ll really need to do to make big money wholesaling in the ever-changing market, you need to be at this workshop.

Yes, recording will be available for all registered attendees after the event!

        We’ve even gotten you a killer price on this detailed, no-BS workshop: members pay just $47 per person; non-members $97 if you register by noon on May 20th  (but since it only costs $25 to join REIN for a month, and get access to a free wholesaler website and over 2,000 potential buyers that’s the smart move…)

        Register by May 20th and get these bonuses:

  • Vena’s 40 page step-by-step Quickstart Guide, a $129 value, that walks you through all the do’s and don’ts of the entire wholesale process
  • Vena’s “Best Ways to Find Wholesale Deals” audio, a $59 value, that shares the best on- and off-market sources to find the deals you need

Like all REIN workshops, this one has a 100% moneyback guarantee: attend, and if you’re not convinced that it was the most honest, complete, actionable information you’ve ever gotten in a day of wholesaling training, just ask for your tuition back, and we’ll cheerfully refund it!

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*All Saturday Intensives are FREE for Express Success members; get more details at www.reintn.org/es