Nashville’s Real Estate Investing EXPO is BACK!


Join us for REIN’s Annual Grand EXPO Event!

LOCATION: Oak Hill Assembly, 5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville
DATE: Monday, December 13th
TIME: 4:00 – 7:00 PM
WHAT TO BRING: Bring your business cards! Use them to enter drawings, giveaways, and for networking to make more deals! Bring a friend, this event is too good to miss!

 – FREE Door Prizes, enter just by showing up!
– Over 100 Prizes given away throughout the night
– 2 Grand Prizes Winners! 
– Silent Auction of exclusive real estate education material
– Food, music, and fun! Oh did we mention real estate? Get ready to meet some of the top investors in Nashville!

REIN Creative Deal School Online – FREE!

An 8-Session Series of FREE Online Workshops to Hone Your Creative Deal Structuring Skills

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If you’re a fan of creative finance deals (and if you’re not, what’s wrong with you?? They’re awesome!!) and you’re always looking for ways to hone your understanding and abilities, you’ll love this free series of online workshops with mega-creative investors Vena Jones-Cox and Bill Cook.

It’s 8 sessions (no workshop on the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year’s Day) that each dig into one important benefit, skill, or aspect of making creative deals.

And did we mention it’s free?

This link registers you for the entire series; if you miss a week, it’s OK because we’ll send all registered attendees a link to the recording to add to your personal deal structuring library.

But you should attend “live” if you can, both because that’s your chance to ask all your questions and because each week we’ll draw from the list of people who are actually THERE and give away a prize…

No matter what, you should register, because you’ll get more of both the big picture of how creative deals work AND detailed instructions about the best ways to find, negotiate, evaluate, and close lots of kinds of creative deals.

Here’s the Week by Week Agenda:
Dec 1st: How to do 10 deals this year with no banks
Dec 8th: The Missing Piece in Your Seller-Finance Negotiations—How and Why to Use a T-Bar When You Talk to Sellers.
Dec 15th: How to pick the right seller finance strategy for any property
Dec 22nd: It’s a creative deal, but is it a GOOD deal?
(Note—there will be no class on Wednesday December 29th)
Jan 5th: 5 ways to structure deals with private lenders and partners.
Jan 12: How to make a small IRA, 401K, Health Savings Account, or CESA into a big one with creative finance deals.
Jan 19th: What to do before you get the deed
Jan 26th: Bill and Vena fight over the best way to talk to sellers about creative deals

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November Main Event

Landlording – 7 Tips to Consistently Get Paid Over 100% of Your Rents every month / Mike Butler


In Person ONLY at Oak Hill Assembly
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville TN 

5:00 – Food Truck & Networking

5:30 – Breakout Sessions
Real Estate Investing 101
Ask The Pro
Commercial Investors Group

6:45 – Market Updates
Join us for market updates with REIN President Elliott Hallum

7:00 – Main Event

REIN is privileged to have seasoned pro and bestselling author Mike Butler November 8th – in person!

Mike was formerly an undercover police detective in Louisville, KY. He began buying fixer uppers and renting them to make extra money, instead of working “off duty” moon light jobs like many of his fellow police officers. Mike discovered how profitable investing in real estate is and bought an average of 2.5 rental properties every week while working his full time job!

To do this, he created a brain dead simple system to get over 100% of his rents every month and achieve true financial freedom. His unique and proven system allowed Mike to safely catapult his investing business. In fact, he owned and operated 75 properties while still working as a cop, starting wtih less than $1000, and never borrowed from banks or hard money lenders.

Mike’s investing success has been featured in Money magazine’s featured article Can Real Estate Make You Rich? and The Wall Street Journal Radio Network with over 170 syndicated radio shows. He has authored the book Landlording on Autopilot, #1 Best Seller Business Books on Amazon. Mike Butler enjoys training and helping millionaires and future millionaires and is a sought after featured speaker and trainer at real estate seminars all across America.

Meet Mike Butler on November 8th and discover his simple, proven techniques to increase your cash flow and profit, slash your time and effort, and keep your great tenants for decades. Plus:

– How to get 20 Nice Rental Houses PAID FOR…and do it safely in 3 to 5 years
– How to Get Over 100% of Your Rents! Every month
– How to Get Your Moving Tenant to Get Your Unit Ready to Rent while paying rent
– 17 Brand New, Unique Strategies – more profit while saving your precious time
– Get Tenants to Beg You for a 3 year + lease
– Why You Must NEVER Call Yourself a Landlord
– Brand New! New Tenant Orientation for New and Renewals
– Secret Weapon gets Tenants to Gladly Pay for Chargeable Repairs
– Screen tenants in 15 minutes or less, the same way, every time, every application
– Learn How Find Great Tenants, like “Shooting Fish in Barrel” when you know the barrel will be full.
– PLUS, Dozens of FREE tips, techniques, and resources ready and waiting for you to “Flip The Switch” for extra income while saving your time.
– Put Your Landlording Business on AutoPilot for more money, time, profit and life!

Get this on your Calendar now and show up *in person* (these tips are so good that they cannot be shared online!)


October Main Event

October Main Event
How I’d Make a Million in 2 Years or Less (Starting from Scratch)

In Person ONLY
at Oak Hill Assembly
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville TN 

5:00 – Food Truck & Networking

5:30 – Breakout Sessions
Real Estate Investing 101
Ask The Pro
Advanced Investors Group
New Member Orientation

6:45 – Market Updates
Join us for market updates with REIN President Elliott Hallum

7:00 – Main Event 
Join us Monday, October 11th, for the best real estate investor meeting that ANY group can hold ANYWHERE. We’re bringing in some of the most successful investors in the whole USA who have made at least a million in real estate, using various strategies from apartments, to AirBNBs, to flipping, to notes. They’ll tell us how they’d do it AGAIN if they lost everything and had to make it back in 2 years in today’s market.

This event is always REALLY enlightening because every million-dollar earner has very DIFFERENT ways that they would approach a challenge like this. You’ll get TONS of pearls of wisdom that will help you get where they are, only faster.

Between them, they have something north of 170 years of experience and thousands of transactions under their belts. It’s that experience they’ll use to tell YOU about the best ways to make money WITH money, or WITHOUT money, the resources you need to gather NOW, the roads to NOT go down, what you MUST avoid, and more. This meeting is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to gather hard-won, in-the-trenches advice from people who’ve reached the summit you’re climbing toward now.

Vena Jones-Cox – Panel Moderator
– Investing 30+ years
– Day Job: hiking, biking, napping, caring for animals, and working her 4-hour work week
– Special Designations: OPHP, Executive Director of the 2 largest real estate investor associations in Ohio, two-decade host of a wildly popular NPR radio program
– Loves: wholesaling, creative deal structuring, and managed buy and hold rentals
– Investment Philosophy: find the right people, give them the right tools, and get out of their way

Dave Corsi
– Investing 38 years
– Special Interests: President of the Metro New Jersey Real Estate Investors Association, MLO and realtor licenses; ran for Congress twice, hosted 2 long-running radio shows, and teaches classes in NJ and NY
– Loves: rentals and rehabs to keep or flip, with special focus on Dodd-Frank issues

Jerry Fink
– Investing 40 years
– Special Designations: OPHP; Super Volunteer for several real estate investor groups in Ohio; part-time Florida resident
– Loves: rentals (120 unit apartment building) and rehabs (225 completed)
– Investment Philosophy: Build your Team to realize your dream

Karla Kuhn
– Investing 20 years
– Former Day Job: Occupational Therapy and part-time house hacker
– Special Designations: PHP, Association Director for Upstate Carolina REIA
– Loves: creating cash flow through a history of apartments, nice houses, super cheap houses, mobile homes, and notes
– Investment Philosophy: “I love sharing ideas and watching others succeed.”

Kathie Russell
– Investing 30+ years
– Day Job: licensed real estate attorney, consultant, mentor, and serial entrepreneur
– Special Designations: President of Triangle REIA in Raleigh, NC
– Loves: STRs, buy and hold rentals, and fix and flip deals
– Investment Philosophy: Just do it. Set a goal and find the people and tools to get it done.

Sam Warf
– Investing 20+ years
– Day Job: Making sure others are doing their jobs; working local food donation sites
– Special Designations: Passive Income and Family Bank Expert
– Loves: rural rental properties he can renovate and add value to.
– Investment Philosophy: Help enough other people get what they want, and you’ll get everything you want.

Register now and join us Monday, October 11, 2021 for one of the best REIN Main Events ever!

September Main Event

How to Build Your Wealth at Warp Speed
Chuck and Gina Biter

Monday September 13th
5:30 – 9:00
Oak Hill Assembly
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville


There are so many aspects to real estate investing, wouldn’t it be nice to learn from someone who has tried and succeeded at several different strategies?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could learn from someone who actually invests in Middle Tennessee, someone who knows the current market, knows what works, and could help you make profits like they have?

Look no further Middle Tennessee investors…. because our very own Chuck and Gina Biter will be headlining this month and you HAVE to be there! Leaders of the Clarksville focus group and longtime investors, the Biters have built proven systems to grow and expand their business. They have developed cutting edge strategies that produce high profits no matter what the market is doing.

Chuck and Gina Biter are known for “Wealth Building at Warp Speed”. In the Spring of 2013, while both working full time jobs, they decided to also become full time real estate investors! To do this, they had to build out organizational systems and hire a quality team to make it happen. During the first 18 months after this decision, they did 28 deals!

Out of the first 28 properties they did, some were flips and some were rental properties that they still own today. But, NONE of them were bank financed. They were able to negotiate seller financing using creative offers. They built up a large rental portfolio while flipping properties for fast cash! They found private money lenders to keep their business moving. In the past 8 years, they have renovated over 100 homes. Yes, over 100!

Chuck and Gina live in Clarksville, Tennessee. Chuck is a fourth-generation Clarksvillian and takes great pride in living in the Middle Tennessee area. He has been involved in teaching and coaching well over 1,000 real estate investors in the past 6 years. Their passion is in their faith, family, community, and those less fortunate. They use their success to support organizations such as Hope to Haiti and Caring House Project. They have also worked with Habitat for Humanity to provide a home for a local family. Chuck and Gina have been married for over 30 years. They have 3 grown children, four grandchildren, and a new grandbaby on the way!

Chuck and Gina will be with us at our Main Event on Monday, September 13 to share their secrets for how to accelerate and grow your real estate investing business.

They will be teaching you about:
• Wholesaling for Fast Cash
• How to Build a Large Rental Portfolio with Little to No Money
• How to Select the Best Contractors and Employees
• The Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make and How to Avoid Them
• Building Tax Free Wealth
• How to Invest in Any Market
• Scaling Your Business for Multiple Projects