Shared Housing. Profitable, Rewarding, and the Topic of this One-Day, Online Workshop…

Shared housing is the strategy of the decade: it’s as high-profit and low-competition as Airbnb’s were 15 years ago.

You can 5x your profits on any given property by making it available to multiple individuals—IF you understand how to pick the right properties, choose your residents, provide the right amenities, manage them, deal with regulations,  and all the other things you can only learn from experienced shared housing providers.

You’ll learn from 4, who provide different KINDS of shared housing and do it in very different ways—but all make lots of money and also make a real difference in their communities.

It’s inexpensive, satisfaction guaranteed, and will give you a head start on the next big thing in real estate.Find out more get registered HERE.

Online Masterclass : Short Term Rentals

Saturday October 14th 8 a.m.- 2 p.m. Central
Want to Get into the Profitable
Short Term Rental Space, But
Not Sure What the “Best Way” is?

Short Term Rentals aren’t “a thing”—they’re a lot of things, depending on your goals, preferences, and geography.

 And since there’s “riches in niches”, we’re bringing you a whole slew of real-life STR investors who operate their business by themselves and with managers; in resort areas and in their local towns; as true short-term rentals and as mid-term rentals. 

A day of great advice and real talk about the pros and cons, challenges, and opportunities, from folks who are actually “doing it”, with no sales of courses or products.

Find out more get registered HERE.

Main Monthly Meeting Millionaire Panel: If you lost it all, how would you get to a million in 24 months?

Main Event

5:00 Free light dinner and Networking in the Round: Table Topic Discussions

5:30 Break Out Sessions
Ask The Pro
Real Estate 101

6:30 Guest Session – a “Must Attend” for non-member Guests.

7:00 Main Event – Millionaire panel: If you lost it all, how would you get to a million in 24 months? John Hickman; Rich Harris; Bonnie Bailey; Gregory Holland

October’s REIN Main Event will be like no other! Four amazing investors – all with a good, solid history through different markets – share how they would make a million (again) if they lost it all. They’ll tell secrets, strategies, and shortcuts from their hard-won, in-the-trenches experience. Get it on your calendar now – set 2 alarms – and DON’T MISS IT.

Bonnie Bailey – From beauty school, to college, to a corporate job, to stay at home mom with a small business, to real estate investor since 2012, Bonnie has worked hard to build her family legacy, while sharing generously with those around her. She self-manages 30 units (single family, duplex, vacation rentals) and has flipped a dozen houses. Bonnie started out using a line of credit on her personal home, did fix and flips to raise capital, picked up a few small portfolios, watched appreciation, then refinanced to generate additional capital to build more income streams.

Rich Harris – Private Lender and Note Buyer. With 20 years of experience in real estate fincance, Rich has funded rehab projects, new construction, mobile home parks, and purchased owner finance notes. Rich supports the REIN Community through volunteer service as a past Treasurer and Newsletter Editor. He always has a good answer to a fellow investor’s question, a good story, or a good word of encouragement. You’ll always find Rich at REIN’s “meeting after the meeting” after each REIN Main Event.

John Hickman – After reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” in massage therapy school, John joined REIN. He bought his first investment property (a rehab), selling it quickly and profitably. John was hooked! He has wholesaled, whole-tailed, rehabbed for retail, and built a rental portfolio that enabled his goal to leave his 9-to-5. John loves to help others through volunteering, serving as President of REIN. John gives back to help perpetuate and promote the REIN Community that helped him when he was getting started.

Gregory Holland – Starting in 1994, Gregory buys real estate to hold, buy and rehab to rent, and fix and sell. He enjoys being a long-distance landlord with units in Montgomery, Alabama. Gregory is humbly proud to say he is ‘full time in real estate’ and ‘all my bills are paid from real estate money.’ He is a true asset to our REIN Community, offering a friendly smile, a word of encouragment, and a solid answer to almost any real estate question during our round table sessions at each REIN Main Event.

REGISTER HERE – REIN | Main Monthly Meeting – Millionaire panel: If you lost it all, how would you get to a million in 24 months?

Online: One Day Wealth Amplifier with George Antone

Saturday September 23rd 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. Central
The One Day Wealth Amplifier Workshop
That Will Turn Your Investing Plan
On Its Head—Guaranteed.
With George Antone, Bestselling Author of The Wealthy Code

If you feel like you’re following all the “rules”—working hard, acquiring assets, making good deals, paying them off—but you’re not getting to financial independence NEARLY as fast as you thought you would, COME TO THIS.

Yes, you’re ‘missing something’, and that something is the bigger picture of how the financial system is literally stacked against you (no, this isn’t conspiracy theory paranoia: inflation and taxation and opportunity costs are provably real).

This online workshop will show you how the bigger world of finance is holding you back, and how to restructure your investments to make it work FOR you, instead of against you.

And if it doesn’t, you pay nothing.

Find out more and for heaven’s sake, register…HERE.

The Real Estate Success Formula (Flipping, Rentals, Wholesaling, Notes, and more)

An Exciting and Profitable Opportunity Is Coming Your Way!
Chuck and Gina Biter Will Be Teaching “The Real Estate Success Formula”

Chuck and Gina have shared their knowledge with thousands of real estate investors. They are full time investors in Middle Tennessee and are coming to Nashville to teach strategies and systems that will produce huge profits in today’s market on September 16th.
They have done over 160 properties in the last 10 years and will be here to share their expertise with you.
They Will Be Sharing How They:

  • Decide if a house is a Flip, Wholesale, or a Keeper
  • Find Properties to Rehab for Huge Profits
  • Buy Houses Subject To
  • Market for the Most Profitable Deals
  • Find FREE Houses!

The Last 12 Houses Chuck & Gina sold were on the market in less than five days and many of them sold for over the asking price! As a Special Gift, they are going to give everyone that attends on Saturday a list of all the products that they put in those houses to help them sell so quickly!! This Product List is worth way more than the cost of attending!
This is a “don’t miss the opportunity” for all serious investors that want to start earning Big, Fat Checks on a consistent basis!

We look forward to seeing you at this great event on September 16th!

REGISTRATION LINK: REIN | The Real Estate Success Formula (Flipping, Rentals, Wholesaling, Notes, and more)