As An Express Success Member, You Get:

  • Monthly group coaching web classes, where you’ll learn foundational skills like finding deals, financing properties without banks, evaluating properties, implementing exit strategies, managing your time, following fair housing guidelines, building relationships, and much more. Each monthly Zoom meeting includes time for your own questions, deal evaluations, and networking with other members throughout the U.S.
  • On-Demand member-only access to over 100 hours of “basic skills” videos ranging from understanding deed types to negotiating with sellers to evaluating apartment buildings to how to work with agents, to understanding ‘options’ right at your fingertips. If you have questions about a strategy or technique, it’s probably included in this online library—or will be soon.
  • Online coaching from Vena Jones-Cox, a nationally recognized expert and real-life investor with over 1,000 deals of every description under her belt. This means that when you have a question about a deal you’re working on, a strategy you don’t understand, or an ethical quandary you don’t know how to navigate, you have over a quarter of a century of experience just a message away.
  • A roadmap for creating your own, personalized business plan. When you join Express Success, you get a unique template that walks you through the process of setting financial goals, researching neighborhoods and strategies, choosing your marketing, and projecting revenues and expenses over the coming years.
  • A full year’s worth of Online Saturday workshops (usually $47-$97 EACH for members) at no additional charge. These workshops are carefully planned to reflect the most profitable and workable strategies in real estate investing right now, and the instructors are selected because they’re top experts in that field.

Yes, you can buy all of these benefits separately, but if you did, you’d spend over $2,100. We’ve brought it all together for you for just $1,297 for members ($1,544 for non-members, which includes a one-year membership) …and this investment will make you more successful, faster, or your money back…

Your No-Brainer,
12-Month, No-Risk,
Money-Back Guarantee

We know that if you take advantage of all that Express Success has to offer, you’ll make more money, avoid more pitfalls, and accelerate your path to real financial freedom.
We’re so certain, in fact, that we put our money where our mouth is.
Join Express Success.
Participate in the monthly group coaching classes.
Come to the Saturday workshops that make sense for you.

  • And if, after a full year, you can honestly say the program wasn’t worth twice the cost, we’ll refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked. – Click Here for Testimonial – Sign Up Here

REIN’s Real Estate Investing EXPO Event – FREE!

Nashville’s Real Estate Investing EXPO!

Join us for REIN’s Annual Grand EXPO Event!

DATE: Monday, December 11th
TIME: 4:00 – 7:00 PM
LOCATION: Woodmont Hills Church
WHAT TO BRING: Bring your business cards! Use them to enter drawings, giveaways, and for networking to make more deals! Bring a friend, this event is too good to miss!

– FREE Door Prizes, enter just by showing up!
– Over 100 Prizes given away throughout the night
– 2 Grand Prizes Winners! 
– Food, music, and fun! Oh did we mention real estate? Get ready to meet some of the top investors in Nashville!

You’re invited to join us Monday, December 11th for REIN’s annual Real Estate Investing EXPO! Find out where the big dogs in Middle Tennessee real estate got their start, with REIN of course! Come meet the highly recommended vendors you’ll need to get to the next level, or get your business launched. Network with the top players and investors in the real estate game, and enjoy some festive fun!

Our annual event is THE place to meet the best vendors in the region, and the nation, to build and grow your investment business to higher, more profitable levels. Two grand prize drawings at 6:45 PM, plus nearly 100 other prize giveaways – your chances of winning are excellent – just for showing up. (But you must be present to win) REIN works to bring high-level connections together through strategic networking opportunities. Don’t miss out on this unique event where the best in the business are brought to you.

Get a chance to meet with celebrity investors, featuring professionals in new construction, rehabbing, property management, contracting, lending and networking. Get hooked up with everyone you need from your flooring guy to your next big lender. Meet the men and women who make real estate investors successful. Trades. Products. Services. Funds. Tangible and intangibles to keep your business blowing and growing. Bid on exclusive real estate investing packages not offered to the public at our silent auction. Grab a friend and come to Nashville’s Real Estate Investing EXPO Event!

REIN | REIN’s Real Estate Investing EXPO Event – FREE! – Click here to register

December 9th, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.. Central ON ZOOM An Entire Online Workshop About the BUSINESS Of Growing Your Wealth In Real Estate…

Free to members!

You can learn about the TACTICS of doing deals all day long, every day.

But just try to find solid education about the OTHER skill set that can make or break your wealth—the crucially important function of planning, setting up, and managing the business itself.

You know: entities, partnerships, credit, your team, the balance between cash and cash flow strategies, all the thing that it’s REALLY HARD to get educated about.

We know how essential this business-building information is, so we’ve put together a whole day devoted to it that you can absorb at home in your bunny slippers…

Get the details and register (non-members can attend too, for $97) HERE

Online: Cash Flow Mastery: Get the Awesome Power of Private Mortgage Notes working for you.

Discover the True Financial Power of Private Mortgage Notes for Passive Income – Exclusive Training Session

The market has changed! What are you going to do to ensure your cash flow?!

  • Are long hours – or property management – or marketing wearing you down?
  • Would more cash flow help you?
  • Especially if it were PASSIVE cash flow?

REIN has a special Thursday-night Training for you.

Our Friend, Jeff Watson, generously shares his expertise with you at this exclusive, 4-hour virtual one-time-only event! Register NOW for REIN’s VIRTUAL “Get the Awesome Power of Private Mortgage Notes working for you”

Boost your family’s finances and your investments with private mortgage notes. These powerful (and often unknown) tools let you:
* Use trusted techniques to maximize your cash flow
Balance work and personal life with (often hidden in plain sight) passive income strategies
* Master techniques for financial stability without sacrificing your time or energy (Jeff lays it all out for us!)

Jeff’s got a Magic Formula with Private Mortgage Notes that you can do from anywhere in the world.

>> Plus, any level of real estate experience qualifies.

* Get another source of passive income
* Build wealth faster than other methods
* Choose to retire when and how you want

All while tapping into a proven track record of success AND off-market Note deals – with a small investment.

>> Yes, this is on zoom.
>> Yes, this is on Thursday.
>> Yes, anyone who buys a ticket WILL get a recording of the meeting.
>> Yes, you can get a discount when you register right now for this training for HALF OFF the normal ticket price of $97

Register NOW at

Don’t miss out – you could shave YEARS off your learning curve with this cashflow and passive income Masterclass Training.

Main Monthly Meeting – Cash Flow Mastery: Harness the Power of Private Mortgage Notes


Main Event

5:00 Free light dinner and Networking in the Round: Table Topic Discussions

5:30 Break Out Sessions
Ask The Pro
Real Estate 101

6:20 Guest Session – a “Must Attend” for non-member Guests.

6:45 Main Event – Discover the Power of Private Mortgage Notes for Passive Income with Jeff Watson

Are you tired of working long hours and looking for a way to invest in real estate without the hassle of property management or marketing?

Look no further! REIN has a special offer for you.

Our Friend, Jeff Watson, will offer to share his expertise with you at this exclusive, 90-minute, one-time-only event!

Join us at The REIN Main Event for “Cash Flow Mastery: Harnessing the Power of Private Mortgage Notes.”
Monday, November 13, 2023
Exclusive Meeting in Person (will not be simulcast)

Boost your finances with private mortgage notes for your investment portfolio.

– Harness trusted techniques to maximize your cash flow with Notes

– Balance work and personal life with the passive income strategies Jeff will share

– Master the techniques for financial stability without sacrificing your time or energy

Why you want to know Jeff’s Secret Sauce with Private Mortgage Notes…

– Not dependent on your location: do this anywhere in the world

– Start this with any level of experience

– Get another source of passive income

– Build wealth quickly

– ‘Retire’ on your terms

– Tapping a proven track record of success AND off-market Note deals with a small investment

So, what should you do right NOW? Register for REIN’s Main Event and get Jeff’s session INCLUDED as part of your ticket. Get your spot here:

Don’t delay. Space is limited. It’s time to unlock the power of private mortgage notes for passive income.