September Main Event

Asset Protection, Saving Taxes, The Power of Retirement Plan Investing, and More…

September 12th, 5:30 – 8:30 PM


How to Make More Money And Keep More of What You Make with John Hyre, Esq.

Here at REIN, our only goal is to give you the tools you need to get wealthy as fast and as safely as possible.

From the active, excited, got-your-back local colleagues you need to meet to advice from the smartest local and national experts, we work our fingers to the bone to bring you what you need to succeed.

And we think you’ll agree: we’ve OUTDONE ourselves this month, by dragging John Hyre, the most knowledgeable asset protection/tax savings/retirement plan attorney we know, out of Puerto Rico for a night of implementable, money-making, money-saving advice!

A tiny taste of what John will share: 
– Why the REAL truth about corporations is way more complex than you’ve been told, and why spending money on them might be a waste
– Why the current fad of “1 entity per property” be a bad idea
– How your 401K can own a company, and that company can legally pay you a salary
– How you can take active losses on a short-term rental if you’re a w-2 employee
– And most importantly, he’ll leave time for questions and answers about your tax, asset protection, and retirement plan questions.

 If you don’t know John Hyre, you need to…his asset protection, tax, and retirement plan growth strategies are real, proven by hundreds of his clients, and up-to-the second.

We’re so sure that YOU need to know this that we’re letting first-time guests in free when you register on our website for a guest pass, but you have to pre-register HERE to make sure you have a seat!

“How to Thrive in the New Market”
FREE Online Discussion Series

Wednesday nights, 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Sept. 7 – October 12 Online
REIN members only!


There’s no question that the real estate market has shifted with inflation taking a toll on everyone, skyrocketing interest rates, and a market that’s softening fast.

The strategies we’ve all used successfully in the last 2 years are showing some serious cracks.

The best way to prepare is to talk with active investors with DECADES of experience in hot and cold markets… and that’s exactly who we’re bringing you on Wednesday nights, Sept. 7th-Oct. 12th

These interactive discussions will get you ready to meet the challenges and grab the opportunities of the ‘New Market’ that will be with us for the next 12-18 months, and you’ll get real tips and advice from some of the most experienced investors and experts in the U.S., who’ve “been there, done that” in recessions before…

Here’s your week-by-week agenda:

– September 7th: The 2022-2023 Market Forecast, and What it Means for Your Favorite Strategy (with Vena Jones-Cox)
– September 14th: The Future of Funding (with Alan Cowgill, Darrin Carey, and Dave Corsi)
– September 21st: The Future of Finding Deals (with Kathy Kennebrook and Damon Remy)
– September 28th: How to Get Over Yourself and Prosper in Uncertain Times (with Tiffany Toombs)
– October 5th: The Future of Flipping (with Robyn Thompson and Vena Jones-Cox)
– October 12th: How to Get all the Deals, Money, and Help You Need (with Vena Jones-Cox)


There will be zero course sales here (though we wouldn’t be surprised if you were encouraged to come to the 2022 National Real Estate Summit in November)—it’s all about getting you ready to thrive in the new market!

All the sessions will be recorded and sent to all registrants the next day, so even if you have to miss a Wednesday night, you don’t have to miss a Wednesday night.

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Online Masterclass: How to Buy Properties “Subject To” (Legally, Ethically, and Profitably)

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM Online

The Online Masterclass That Shows You How to 
Find, Negotiate, Document, Close And PROFIT FROM
Buying Properties “Subject to the Existing Loan”


        How would your life be different if you could buy real estate with:
Zero qualifying
Little or no money down
Long-term, fixed rate financing that gives you the chance to hold properties for rental, or lease/option them, or otherwise build long-term wealth and income?

 Buying properties “Subject to the Existing Loan” lets you do exactly that—

 –But they can also go massively wrong if you don’t know EXACTLY how to evaluate, document, and follow through with the deal.

In this incredibly detailed and thorough online Masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • – What a subject to deal is, and how to get one done from the first call with the seller to closing 
  • – Which sellers are willing to sell to you subject to their loan, and how to find them 
  • – How to overcome the common seller objections: like, “What if you don’t make my payments?” and “Why can’t you just pay cash?”
  • – Which sellers you should NEVER buy from subject to their loan—you can literally ruin their lives or yours if you’re not careful
  • – How to figure out what you can pay for a property when the seller lets you take over his loan—it’s a different, more complex calculation than when you’re paying cash
  • – Why the Due on Sale clause isn’t that big a concern
  • – How to protect your seller from YOUR default: this technique alone will convince more sellers to do subject to deals with you, and we guarantee you don’t already know it, unless you’ve taken Vena’s classes before
  • – Why you need to provide written disclosures to your sellers about what’s happening, and the very bad thing that happens a LOT if you don’t 
  • – How to write a subject to offer 
  • – How to insure properties you buy subject to. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about this, and if you’re not insured right, you can literally lose hundreds of thousands of dollars 
  • – What documentation you need at the closing to protect yourself AFTER the closing 
  • – All the things that ever go wrong with deals and how to avoid them 
  • – Why wholesaling subject to deals is DEEPLY problematic the way most people do it—and the right way to do it
  • – Examples of profitable exit strategies that you can implement once you get your deal 

And This Class Gives You EVERYTHING You Need to Buy Properties Subject To…

…and YES, the recordings of the class will be sent to ALL registrants after it’s over…

          Your tuition for this complete workshop, with manual, forms, and recordings, is just $97 for members, $197 for non-members* when you register by midnight on September 8th

(*But don’t pay the non-member price! You can join REIN for just $25 a month, and save $100 on your tuition!)


          And this workshop comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: you’ll know how to do Subject To deals (and have all the tools you need to make them works) when you’re done, or your money back!

*All Saturday Intensive Classes are FREE for Express Success members; get more details at 

FREE Members Only Online Class – Home Inspections 101: Find Pests Before They Find You

Carl Kincaid of Tennessee Home Inspectors
Members Only!
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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


This Wood Destroying Insects, Fungus, and Pest Infestations class is designed to equip investors, agents and home owners with essential knowledge of the pest control and moisture/mold remediation industry. After this class, you will walk away with a reasonable expectation and understanding about what creates these problems, prevention that can be taken, possible solutions including diy, timelines and prices.

The class is divided into three parts. The wood destroying insect portion deals with termites, wood boring/powder post beetles, carpenter bees and carpenter ants. The fungus portion deals with types of fungus, the three main moisture sources that cause fungus, and reasonable prevention and remediation. The pest infestations portion deals with german roaches, fleas, bed bugs and brown recluse spiders. In every section I will offer solutions for the “do it yourself” crowd as well as reasonable pricing for those who want to outsource the work.

Online Masterclass

How to Get the Best, Cheapest, Easiest, Most Effective Asset Protection Plan for YOU

Kathie Russell, Esq.
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM Online


EVERYONE says you need entities to protect your assets, control your taxes, and structure your business right.
             And that’s where the agreement on this topic ends…
             Because most “done for you” asset protection plans don’t consider things like:

  • What business are you in? wholesaling? Retailing? Rentals? Short-term rentals? Apartments? Shared housing? Notes? All of the above? Because it makes a difference.
  • How many assets do you HAVE? You probably need more and entities if you have a lot of properties—but how many? And which ones?
  • Do you have employees?
  • How easy will it be for you to manage the complicated business structure that most of these ‘done for you’ plans are selling? (Answer: probably not very easy)

The ONLY way to make sure you get the business structure that’s right for you, right now, and that can grow with you is for YOU to understand what the alphabet soup of entities (LLCs! S-corps! GPs!) means, and what they do, and how.

That’s why we’re devoting an entire Saturday to JUST the topic of asset protection and business structuring—and why we’ve rounded up Kathie Russell a real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and experienced attorney, to be your guide.

       Kathie will cover:

  • The pros and cons of LLCs, series LLCs, land trust, corporations and general partnerships
  • Whether you REALLY need a Nevada/Wyoming/Delaware corporation to be fully protected (like the done-for-you asset protection companies say)
  • When it’s OK to do your own entity set up, and when you need a pro, and how to find that pro
  • Mistakes real estate entrepreneurs make TOTALLY DESTROY the asset protect value of an entity, just when you need it the most

This is a day that EVERY wholesaler, retailer, rental owner, and Airbnb owner needs (unless you happen to have the perfect business structure already), so make sure you’re there…

…or, if you can’t be there, make sure that you register anyway so that you can get the recordings for your education library!

You’ll never have another chance to spend an entire day with an attorney who understands what YOU really need as a real estate entrepreneur for just…
get this…

Early Bird Special Pricing… Up To 8/25/2022

Members: $47.00 — Non-Members: $97.00