Online Master Class / Keep Your Contractors on Time, on Budget, and Under Control

Saturday, October 22 Online
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM with Jerry Fink


The folks who are doing work on your properties can literally make or break your deal—ESPECIALLY in a market where prices are dropping, and your holding times might well be longer than you’re used to.
And since getting the RIGHT ones is a process involving finding them, agreeing on a scope of work and price, using the right contracts, and pulling the plug when things don’t go as planned, we’re devoting an entire online workshop to how to plan and manage this process.

Jerry Fink, a real-life retailer and rental owner with over 35 years’ experience finding and managing contractors, will be your guide, and you’ll learn all of this:
 -Where to find good contractors
-Why a detailed scope of work is the key to avoiding expensive ‘misunderstandings’
-How to use it to set ‘milestones’ so that you, and your workers, know exactly how much money will exchange hands and when
-How to put together a scope of work that will save you so much money, hassle, and insomnia you’ll never go back to doing it the ‘old way’
-How to avoid paying big upfront deposits to get work started
-Who should pay for the materials
-How to get the work done in the right timeframe with a single clause in your contract
-How to avoid unexpected (and much-dreaded) “contractor liens”

When you attend, you’ll get:
1. An excel template that lets you easily put together a scope of work for any job from a full rehab to a rental turnover
2. A detailed contracting agreement that sets your deal with the contractor in stone, and includes such important clauses as penalties for not finishing the work on time
3. A unique “contractor screening form” that will help you objectively decide whether to hire a particular contractor, or not
4. Recordings of the entire workshop for your permanent real estate library

As always, this workshop comes with a full moneyback guarantee—you’ll be convinced that the bonus materials ALONE are worth more than the tuition, or your money back!

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