January Main Event Panel – Is your 2022 strategy still going to work in 2023? 

How These 5 Investors Found Their Money Niche

Monday January 9th
5:30 – 9:00 PM
Oak Hill Assembly, 5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville TN


Welcome to 2023! A new year brings new opportunities – and new challenges. Is your 2022 strategy still going to work in 2023? Does another plan make better sense for the current and upcoming market? Join us at REIN’s Main Event on Monday, January 9 to meet 5 amazing investors and learn about their plans for success in 2023, and pick up some do’s and don’ts for your own investing.

Olena Badudina / Medium Term Rentals
Olena moved to the U.S. to study business. After research of AirBnb as a platform for a management class, she became a host. She moved from short to medium term rentals to stay afloat during the pandemic (with 95% occupancy!). She targets relocating families. Most stay 2-3 months.

Alex Dant / Rent-By-The-Room and Sober Living
Alex started buying houses in spring 2021, furnished them, and rented them out by the room for more cashflow. He started renting to sober living houses and other corporate businesses. These cashflow even more with less management – and are helping people out.

Patrick Daniel / Creative and Turnkey Investing
Patrick helps people who want to buy, sell, lease, or invest in real estate. He looks for a creative solution to each situation, whether it’s sell fast for cash, fix and flip, BRRR, short term rentals, arbitrage, seller finance, purchase options, and multifamily joint ventures.

Dale Hire / Rehabbing and Wholesaling
Dale has fixed and flipped hundreds of properties in Nashville and maintained a rental portfolio over 25 years of full-time investing. A Nashville native, he served on the REIN board for 7 years and was President in 2002. He still enjoys learning, networking and staying current with the ever changing real estate trends and innovations through REIN.

Mike Ray / Mobile Homes
Mike started flipping houses in 2005 – until the 2008 crash. He traded his beloved 1994 Z28 Camaro for 3 single-wide mobile homes – and a “Trailer Park Ninja” was born. Today, Mike oversees 9 mobile home parks. Mike is grateful to provide much-needed affordable housing, while building generational wealth for their family.

5+ strategies, 5 different backgrounds, and 5 different experience levels means a host of knowledge nuggets in store for YOU at the REIN Main Event! Register HERE and don’t miss it!