How to Analyze Leads from Your Desktop, Fast, and Get More Deals Vena Jones-Cox

January 29th, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM Central

ONLINE Hands-on Workshop

Spend a Saturday learning how to QUICKLY get the information you need from sellers, figure out what a property is worth, what it will rent for, what the repair costs are likely to be, whether it has code violations, tax liens, and mortgages…and to get back to a seller with a “soft offer” faster than your competitors can!


Because in a low-inventory, high-competition market, you need to be quick and good at making offers (and confident about moving on, when there’s no deal to be made).

This hands-on workshop will make you better than 95% of your competitors at this important part of the offer-making process, or your money back. Get the full agenda AND YOUR ZOOM LINK HERE.

REIN Saturday Intensives Series

We’ve analyzed the 2022 market and what you’ve told us you most need to know to take your real estate business to the next level, and used that data to schedule 23 cheap, detailed Saturday workshops, taught by some of the most successful, experienced real estate investors in the U.S.

They’re all online, so you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to learn from them (and we won’t have any ‘delayed due to nasty weather” incidents!)
They’re all ‘live’ on Zoom, so you’ll get to ask your questions and learn from the questions of your fellow members.
They’ll also all be recorded, and you’ll get a download for your real estate library of every single one you register for.

*All Saturday Intensives are FREE for Express Success members; get more details at 

All REIN Saturday Intensives come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; attend, and if you don’t believe you got 10x the value, we’ll refund your tuition, no questions asked.

January 15th Hands-on Online Workshop:
How to Create Your 12-Month, Really-Gonna-Do-It-This-Year Real Estate Success plan with Damon Remy

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM Online

Your best 2022—in terms of profits, efficiency, and time to do what you love—isn’t going to come from just “setting goals”. It’s going to start with a real vision, move on to a detailed, actionable plan of activities, systems to make sure those activities are actually done, and a whole team of people who support, help, and encourage you. Don’t waste another year living your less-than-best personal and business life; take a day to learn about and MAKE a success plan that makes you richer and happier in 2022.  

REIN Members: $47
Non-Members: $97

On January 15th, business coach/multi-time multi-million dollar business creator Damon Remy will guide you through the process of envisioning, organizing, and planning YOUR perfect business for 2022. In this online, hands-on workshop, you’ll actually work ON your business instead of IN it.


You’ll create (yes, actually create) a vision for how your business should serve your life, and the lives of your loved ones, using a framework Damon will provide, and has used himself to build multi-million dollar businessesYou’ll learn to smash through procrastination and excuses by creating a clear, smart, actionable, 12-month plan for making that future vision your current reality 

You’ll discover how to keep your business organized and on track with a handful of key systems for marketing, business management, and money management

 You’ll find out how to overcome one of the biggest challenges of being a solopreneur—accountability—by tracking and measuring your progress according to “leading indicators” and “key performance indicators”

 You’ll build an ‘accountability chart’ for all the critical tasks in your business, and get a result that tells you WHO you need to hire when it comes time, plus get a framework for HOW to hire them

 You’ll identify the biggest obstacles to your profitability (some may be lack of resources, some may be wheel-spinning, and let’s face it, some might be YOU and your habits), and how to annihilate them in the next 90 days

 You’ll learn about the critical importance of the “90 day cycle” in your strategic planning, and how to implement it

 You’ll get crystal-clear on exactly what you need to do in the next 12 months, and this time, it will be the RIGHT things, with less second-guessing and wasted time.

That’s a lot of promises for a one-day workshop, but it’s all real—and it’s a complete business-changer.

In fact, when you attend, you’ll agree that it was the best thing you ever did for your prosperity (and sanity) or your money back.


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January 2022 Main Event

(Successfully, Legally, and Profitably)
Bill Cook and Vena Jones-Cox

January Main Event- Everyone Welcome!
Oak Hill Assembly
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville


Buying properties “Subject To the Existing Financing” is a hot topic in the real estate investing world, and rightly so—it can be a great, low money down, no qualifying way to acquire cash-flowing rentals, lease/options, and even (temporarily) finance flips.

It’s the most common “creative finance” tool that investors use to buy properties of every imaginable description when they can’t (or just don’t want to) buy with cash or bank financing, and it’s ESPECIALLY attractive right now, with so many 3-4% fixed-rate mortgages out there waiting to be ‘taken over’.

The problem is, too many investors get themselves (and their sellers) in SERIOUS trouble by not understanding how to evaluate, document, and make these deals ‘win-win’ for the selling.

At our first meeting of 2022, Bill and Vena will walk you through the steps you need to take to make money AND avoid disasters like lawsuits and ruining other peoples’ credit, including:

• Which sellers you should never, ever do deals with, for your sake and theirs
• How to decide whether a deal is a good one (they aren’t all good ones, EVEN THOUGH they’re no-qualifying and low money down)
• The 7 forms you need at closing to protect your deal for decades, if necessary
• And yes, the specter of the “due on sale clause”, and why it’s probably not as big a deal as you think it is, and 6 things to do if it happens to get ‘tripped’.

This isn’t pie-in-the-sky theory; between them, Vena and Bill have over 50 years’ experience successfully buying deals subject to the existing loan, and created a LOT of cash flow, equity, and even cash profits using this strategy alone.

Come learn from their experience, so you can do what they’ve done without making the mistakes they have!

Register now and grab your spot!

January 15th Saturday Class

Saturday In Person Class
DEALMAKER – How to Creatively Construct and Fund Deals Without Banks
Bill Cook


Saturday January 15th
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Hilton Garden Inn, Brentwood

REIN Members: $97
Non-Members: $147

Dealmaker is a one-of-a-kind, full-day seminar, taught by Bill Cook. You’ll see and learn multiple ways to creatively construct and fund deals without going to banks.

Creative deal making is a learned thing, not a born-knowing-how-to-do-it thing. It’s a unique language that is learned through immersion. It’s best learned from someone with decades of creative-deal-making experience…and a person who is a seasoned pro at teaching.

At Dealmaker, you’ll see 10 creative deal structures Bill and Kim have done. With each deal, you’ll see how it was found, structured, funded, and once acquired, how the property was turned into a mailbox money machine.

You’ll also see all the deal structuring tools used in each situation that allowed the seller’s uncomfortable situation to be turned into a win-win deal…without going to a bank! It doesn’t stop there. You also receive Bill’s class manual. This manual will allow you to better follow and better understand each deal’s progression

Here are the creative deal structures you’ll see, and that we’ll discuss during Dealmaker.

• Deed for Note Deal
• Pure Option Deal
• 121 Deal
• Lonnie Deal
• Subject-to Deal
• Owner Financed (to buy) Deal
• Owner Financed (to sell) Deal
• Private Money Lender Deal
• Master Lease with Strategic Purchase Option Deal
• Buy Back Option Deal
• Modification Deal

If you learn just one – ONE – creative technique that allows you to structure and/or fund your next deal, will Dealmaker be time well spent? After all, isn’t our goal as investors to continually become more fluent in the language of creative deal structuring and funding?


Some of the structures you’ll see will drop your jaw and change the direction of your real estate investing life! Bill will not waste your time. If you feel Dealmaker wasn’t a day well spent, we’ll give you a full, no-questions-asked refund.

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     You’re invited  to join us Monday, December 13th for REIN’s annual Real Estate Investing EXPO! Find out where the big dogs in Middle Tennessee real estate got their start, with REIN of course! Come meet the highly recommended vendors you’ll need to get to the next level, or get your business launched. Network with the top players and investors in the real estate game, and enjoy some festive fun!

     Our annual event is THE place to meet the best vendors in the region, and the nation, to build and grow your investment business to higher, more profitable levels. Two grand prize drawings at 6:45 PM, plus nearly 100 other prize giveaways – your chances of winning are excellent – just for showing up. (But you must be present to win)