April Main Event
Maria Giordano / Investing With “No” Limits

NEW LOCATION – Woodmont Hills Church (Use Back Entrance!)
3710 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN 37204


5:30 Break Out Sessions
Ask The Pro – Mark Neely
Real Estate 101 – Brandon Rumbley

7:00 Main Event
We are in a time where there is a great deal of speculation about just exactly what is going on with the real estate market. Is the housing market about to crash, or will it continue to grow? The most successful investors are out there watching the market, making key strategic decisions, and investing without limits using essential creative deal-making strategies.

Maria Giordano used this exact blueprint to quit her job in less than 6 months. These strategies work for Airbnb, buy and hold, wholesaling, fix and flip, and more. It is paramount that you know the real estate investing secrets of elite investors that will set you on a trajectory beyond your wildest comprehension. Join us in April to see how easy it is to start building your business and grow your wealth.

Rapid Sequence Investing: Trifecta of Real Estate Investing

  1. Tired of not being able to find a deal or as many profitable deals?
  2. Are you feeling like you are banging your head against a wall and thinking about quitting?
  3. Is your only strategy the ‘low-ball all CASH’ offer?
  4. Would you like to know how to buy properties at low-Interest rates without qualifying for financing or making big down payments?

Join us on April 10th to see how easy it is to start building your business and grow your wealth.