What the Most Successful Investors You Know Have that You (Probably) Don’t

New Investor Online Class, FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

It’s not about background, or determination, or even native ability: the key is having the right approach to:
– Getting the education you need to succeed (but not paying tens of thousands of dollars ‘getting ready to get ready’)
– Building a support system of more experienced investors who can help you get started with less investment and risk
– Being ready for the challenges we all face in getting off the ground.


     We can provide all those pieces, but YOU have to know how to pick them up and assemble them—which is what this free class shows you how to do.
     You’ll learn what successful investors have, and know, and do, that sets them apart and lets them build the businesses and lives that you admire, and more importantly, how you can get them too. Presenter Vena Jones-Cox will draw you a map of what it REALLY takes to get started fast, and to stick with real estate until it gets you the financial independence you’re looking for.

     This class is free and open to any struggling real estate investor who’s serious about putting in the time, money, and energy it takes to be financially independent—but you DO need to pre-register.