Marketing Master Duncan Wierman

Marketing Master Duncan Wierman delivers the fast-paced secrets of the Wizards of Persuation at REIN’s December General Meeting.

Queen of Rehab, Robyn Thompson, Coming to REIN

General Meeting Featured Presentation – Robyn Thompson – the Queen of Rehab

Did you know that the one of the biggest challenges that most real estate investors face is they don’t know how to locate a high profit deal that they can buy at a discount and then fix it up and sell it for more?

Marketing to find high profit deals is the most critical step that a real estate investor must learn if they want to wealthy. And REIN’s bringing a Master Teacher to help us.

Robyn Thompson.

She is the nation’s leading expert on buying, renovating and selling homes for huge chunks of cash and is known throughout the United States and Canada as “The Queen of Rehab”.

Robyn is one of the best marketers for finding motivated sellers and she is always willing to teach students her strategies for making massive profits.

Robyn will be sharing her strategies on: 1) How to find the profitable homes that need renovated, 2) How to deals even if you have little or no money to start with, 3) How to find and control the contractors to get the job done and 4) Selling houses quickly for huge chunks of cash.

She’ll be our featured speaker at our main meeting, Monday, Feb. 9, and training all day for us on February 21st.

Be there.  And invite your friends, business associates and family.

January Meeting Loaded with Ideas – and Bugs

Join us at our next General Meetings and enjoy these breakout sessions:

Construction and Roofing Tips 

Speed Networking

How to Make Money in Today’s Real Estate Market

And our Featured Presentation:

They can kill a deal, destroy a property, terrify a potential buyer, and leave you and your tenants in danger of serious health issues. If you work in real estate, you need to know what to do about termites, mold, fungus, bed bugs and other creatures that like to live and multiply in your property.

At this month’s REIN general meeting, you’ll get answers from experts.

Apps to help Grow Your Business

Below is a list you can use!  The list contains names of apps that can aid you in growing your Real Estate Investing business.

Home Snap: Uses your camera and the GPS built into your phone to get instant public information and data on properties just by taking a picture.

Camera+: Adds additional controls to the built-in camera to help you take better photos, especially in low light.

Magicplan: Creates floor plans and room sizes by taking interior pictures of the home.

Dropbox: A storage drive where you can store and share files. In our business, this is a phenomenal way to exchange real time information from the field to the office.

HammerPoint: HammerPoint is an iOS app that allows you to quickly create detailed repair estimates for any job. You can create new reports for each project, and the app will actually walk you through each item that may need repairing, auto filling a description of the work details (fully edit-able) and even offers a suggested cost for that repair.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas: Houzz is a really fun app which allows you to quickly navigate through over a million high quality photos of properties to get ideas and inspirations for your own properties.

JotNot Scanner: JotNot is an easy to use app that allows you to turn your iPhone into a portable scanner and share your documents via email, Evernote, DropBox, Google Drive, and more.

CamCard: CamCard allows you to snap photos of business cards and organize them, You can also download them in a detailed contact list or excel file.

TheAnalyst: Last but not least is TheAnalyst.  TheAnalyst spits out a summary of IRR, CAP rate, COCR, GRM, LTV, DSCR. It projects cash flows out 5 years based on your assumptions and also outlines sales proceeds at the end of year 5. A few graphs are included and a PDF you can email.

Special thanks to REIN Member Wayne Woodson for providing this vital information.

Let Your Voice be Heard at NashvilleNext Community Conversations

REIN encourages its members to be active in our community – especially to be active in policy changes that affect housing and growth in our communities.

Right now, you have the unique opportunity to plan for how and where Nashville grows.  Decisions now will impact future decisions on how we get around, the quality of our environment, and our housing choices.  We can also plan for how we spend public money.  Join the conversation this summer to help pick Nashville’s future!

Please  attend these NashvilleNext meetings.  The first of 25 casual Open Houses across Davidson County (also called “NashvilleNext Lounges”) will be tonight!  These Open Houses will affect the future of housing and Metro Planning Department decisions.

Let your voice be heard!

Additional information can be found at the link below.

Nashville Next