1-day Workshop: Building Valuable Partnerships

Building Wealth-Building Partnerships with The Fair Partner Equity Formula

•Think a 50/50 partnership is fair? What you bring to a partnership is vastly different and should be priced differently than what your partner brings. Understand the value of your assets BEFORE signing an agreement.

•Fighting with your partners about finances and who does what? Save the partnership, the business, and money by evaluating what assets each person brings to the relationship and what they are worth. The Fair Partner Equity Formula will guide you through it.

•Nothing is equal. What you bring to your business partnership whether it is hard assets or soft assets is worth differently than what your partner(s) bring. So how to decide on the money split? The Fair Partner Equity Formula shows you how to figure out what you bring, what it is worth, and how to talk to your partner.

At this mind-expanding workshop, Hugh Stewart will present the full Fair Partnership Equity Formula.

The FPEF shows individuals how to craft and structure their partnerships in a fair and equitable way. It also assists in transforming existing businesses into something that business owners can be proud of.

When you attend, you will be provided with the tools to conduct the often difficult conversations with your business partner that will allow each party to walk away with resolution.

Course highlights include:
•Determining how to list the operation and asset contribution from each partner
•Assigning value to each form of contribution
•Determining who operational compensation will be given to
•Discussion on how to negotiate the “fairness” of total compensation for each partner
•How to execute the compensation plan with restructured equity
•When to re-evaluate the fairness of the plan.

When you pre-register and attend, you will be provided with the FPEF workbook and the opportunity go deeper with an optional purchase of the entire program at a discount.

In attendance will be Doug Fath, FPEF Mentor & Coaching Coordinator. Additionally, there are plans for Britnie Turner to attend a portion of the workshop.

How to Structure Valuable Partnerships

Join us June 8th for a special intermediate to advanced-level topic:

Featured Presentation – 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

How to Build Your Wealth with Well-Structured Partnerships – Hugh O. Stewart

Attend this session and learn about the Fair Partnership Equity Primer.  Hugh will teach you:

• The differences between a business and a partnership
• What business owners want
• Elements of fair partnership compensation design
• The Fair Partner Equity Formula

Special Guest Britnie Turner, founder of Aerial Development Group and a long-time student of Hugh’s, plans to be on hand as Hugh will discuss how she uses the tools of his program to design her partnerships.
Hugh Stewart is the founder of Financial CoPilot. He has started more than 20 companies since 2000. Hugh built a business in only six years that generated $44 million annually in transactional revenue while serving 106,000 customers per year with less than $5.00 in unreconciled discrepancies annually. And he did it with only 14 employees, eventually selling it for many times its acquisition price.

Hugh knows how to build a financial culture that promotes collaboration and business growth. He knows how to design fair compensation for partners, so that a relationship has the opportunity to thrive indefinitely.

Join us for this incredible training session.  Invite a friend or potential business partner to come with you.

Pete Fortunato: How to Do Deals that Others Can’t

Pete Fortunato teaches REIN How to Do Deals Others Can’t at our May General Meeting, May 11 in Nashville. I really don’t know how to state strongly enough how awesome Pete Fortunato is. His creative deal-making strategies go so far beyond the usual “subject to, lease/option, seller finance” stuff we hear every day that he’s truly unique in the education world; plus, he’s got 45 years of experience to back up what he says. Be there.  And bring a friend.  Click here for more info and to register.

Become a House Monster: Gobble up all the houses you want

Most real estate investors think the way to riches in real estate is to buy a property, fix it up, sell it, and cash the big fat check then do it again.

Do it again?  Start all over and do it again?  That sounds like WORK. That’s not what investing is.

Read more and pre-register here.

James Hardie Building Products supports REIN Members

Welcome James Hardie Building Products to REIN!   You’ll see some amazing folks at REIN with the James Hardie Team: Joshua, Christian, Francis, Jeremy, and Joe.  These guys provide building products on some of the country’s best homes.  Get to know them.  Find out how they can help you increase value in your investment properties.  www.jameshardie.com