Online Masterclass: How to Do High Profit, Low Hassle “Repair for Equity” Deals

Saturday, February 11th
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Vena Jones-Cox


    If you think that the perfect exit strategy would look something like this:

  1. LOTS of customers want it
  2. You can do it little or no money down
  3. Almost none of your competitors do it
  4. It generates high returns, passively, over a LOOONG period of time
  5. You don’t have to do any rehab
  6. You don’t have to do any ongoing management or maintenance
  7. It helps build your community, and helps people in your community who otherwise have no real chance of owning a home of their own, to build wealth…

You need to be at this all-day Zoom class about how to DO that strategy. It’s called Repair for Equity, and your instructor, Vena Jones-Cox, has done it hundreds of times. You’ll know how to do it, too, but only if you register HERE to get your link and manual!