May 9th Main Event


How to Get (Almost Competition-Free) Deals from Transitioning Boomers

MONDAY, May 9th
5:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Oak Hill Assembly
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville


Are you an experienced real estate investor looking to find new quality leads? Or are you just starting out and need to figure out how to create a steady stream of leads? Are you tired of overused tactics to find leads for new deals?

Phillip Vincent offers a new approach that:

  • Creates sustainable leads for new deals
  • Establishes a recurring lead source
  • Delivers quality ongoing leads & high closing rate
  • Identifies highly motivated sellers
  • Sets you apart from the competition

It’s pretty well-known that the baby boomers hold more of the wealth in housing than any other generation, and that even the youngest of them will reach retirement age in the next decade, and that 70% of those currently over the age of 65 will need to go into long-term care at some point.

There’s an opportunity there, but if you think you’re going to find it with technology or even traditional marketing, you’d better think again.

Phillip Vincent and his partners have created a system for working with extended care facilities to get referrals to families who need to sell real estate to make the transition to (expensive) long-term care, and who need to do it WITHOUT making repairs or even cleaning out the properties.

On Monday, May 9th he’ll share the big picture of this system with you, including:

  • What it takes to make the connections you need, it’s not for the impatient, or ‘bad guys’, which is why competition will STAY low
  • Why selling to you at an investor price really is a better choice for these stressed families than get- ting a house “ready for market”
  • Why these (high equity, highly motivated) leads are worth taking the time to ‘tap’