Main Event – Wealth Amplifier w/ George Antone!

Main Event 

5:00 Free light dinner and Networking in the Round: Table Topic Discussions 

5:30 Break Out Sessions
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6:30 Guest Session – a “Must Attend” for non-member Guests

7:00 Main Event – Wealth Amplifier with THE GEORGE ANTONE!

Fish don’t know they’re in water.

Fish are not aware of the water they swim in. If you were to tell them about it, they would ask, “Water? What’s that?” They are so accustomed to being surrounded by it that they cannot perceive it. Only when they leap out of the water, can they see it for what it is.

Similarly, many investors don’t realize they’re swimming in the “asset-first” world.

I can already hear you asking, “Asset-First? What’s that?” Only when you leap out of it, can you see it for what it is. And unfortunately, it’s not an ideal place for investors.

Welcome to The Hidden World of Finance

Have you ever wondered why generations of hard-working investors have tried and failed to reach their financial goals, despite doing all the “right things”? Hard-working investors, like yourself, could spend a lifetime implementing traditional strategies that yield slow or no results. That’s because they’re operating in an “asset-first” world where the tide keeps pushing them back and they’re swimming against the current.

It’s time to leap out of the water for just one day and discover the hidden, parallel world of finance. This is a world where investors can achieve their financial goals faster, safer, and with more certainty. In the world of finance, the approach, rules, and thought processes are fundamentally different. The world of finance uses the “finance-first” approach – a complete opposite approach to the world most investors are used to.

This is where George Antone and the Fynanc team come in.

Fynanc (pronounced “finance”), a financial technology company, has developed cutting-edge technology behind the Wealth Amplifier Approach®, which is helping investors accelerate their results to achieve financial freedom. During this 1 Day In Person Event, Fynanc founder George Antone will give you a sneak peek into the fascinating and little-known world of finance and highlight what you’ll learn in the upcoming 1-day workshop. The workshop has received rave reviews, with attendees calling it a “mind-blowing” introduction to a new way of thinking about wealth creation.

Making The Invisible Visible

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels in the “asset-first” world and are ready to see what the world of finance can do for you, register for this event now. Don’t let your dreams be buried like so many others before you. It’s time to move from fear to empowerment, chaos to a systematic approach, stress to peace of mind, and ultimately to financial freedom. Join us and discover the world of finance that might just be what you’ve been looking for. Register now to secure your spot!

When you register for the 1-day workshop, 100% of the proceeds will go toward supporting our REIN, making our community of investors possible.

[Note: This has *nothing* to do with “Creative Financing”, “Notes”, “Private Lending” or “Infinite Banking”]

DATE: August 14, 2023

TIME: 5:00 – 9:00 PM Central

REGISTRATION LINK: REIN | Main Event – Wealth Amplifier w/George Antone! (