Main Event – Advanced Creative Deal Structuring in a Changing Market

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Advanced Creative Deal Structuring in a Changing Market 

 Heard the phrase, The cheese has moved?

 Last year, home values were skyrocketing, rent rates were through the roof, and short-term rentals were 100% occupied.  My, the difference a year can make!

 Today, home values are leveling off, rental rates are coming down, and too many short-term rentals are sitting vacant.  Obviously, the cheese is on the move.

 What do we do?   Do we play like Chicken Little and run for cover?  Or do we recognize this for what it is: a great time to pick up our creative-deal-structuring toolboxes and go out and find people to help and problems to solve?

 If you started investing in real estate after 2012, creative deal making may be a foreign concept.  It’s likely the only tool in your deal-structuring toolbox is the proverbial Big Hammer…you know, a 70-cent-on-the-dollar-all-cash offer.

 Ever wondered about all the other ways an offer can be creatively constructed?  Creatively funded?  Creatively held?  Creatively exited?

 Have you ever done a Pure Option Deal?  What about a Performance Master Lease with an Option kicker?  A Subject-to Deal?  How much success have you had with getting owner financing?  Ever foreclosed on yourself?

 At July’s monthly REIN meeting you’ll see these five creative-deal-making tools in action plus several other deal making tools at work.

 And the information keeps getting better: You’ll see the fastestcheapest and most effective way to get face-to-face with sellers and make written offers.

 Speaking of offers, have you ever seen a Teeter-totter or T-bar offer?  You will at July’s meeting!

 Bill Cook will not waist a single minute of your valuable time.  You’ll  leave with a clearer understanding of why creative deal structuring is a language of its own.      

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