July 11th Main Event

True Intergenerational Wealth:
How to Get the Kids in Your Life Into Real Estate Investing!


The Wohlwend Family

Successful real estate investors often find themselves with a “problem”: their kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, whatever, have absolutely no interest in being involved in, or even inheriting, the business that they’ve so carefully built for decades.

Eric and Lila Wohlwend have done seemingly impossible: gotten their young (like elementary school young) sons not just passionate about real estate, but actively involved in finding, financing, buying, rehabbing, and managing their OWN investments.

We’ll hear from all 4 of them—the kids will be there, too—how that happened, and how you can do it within your own family. They’ll address:
• How they got the kids into real estate and investing with fun, age-appropriate activities (instead of lecturing, or MAKING them do it)
• What kind of jobs and tasks can younger kids should be helping with in your real estate business
• Fun ways to practice investing with your kids
• How to get your kids learning WITH YOU, not just FROM YOU
• Things to avoid doing if you want to keep your kids interested
• The legal aspects of handing financing, purchase agreements, deed, etc. with kids who are too young to legally commit themselves to contracts
• The dangers of the “Kiddie Tax”
• And hear from Ethan and Deven about their real estate deals, future plan (graduating from high school is one), and their advice about getting YOUR kids involved
(Yes, you can bring *your* kids that are 7 and up)

Whether you have kids of your own, or are just passionate about getting young people on the path to financial independence way earlier than YOU did, you’ll want to be here to hear The Wohlwend Family’s advice and experience. Save your seat HERE!