Virtual Property Inspection and Repair Estimation Masterclass

Online Saturday Class – Jerry Fink


             Do YOU need to get better at:
Inspecting houses
Determining what does and doesn’t need to be done to them
Coming up with real, investor prices to get that work done?

If you’re new-ish to the real estate world, the answer is probably, “Heck, yeah.”
Miscalculating repair costs (and therefore offering sellers too much money for their houses) is the #1 reason that:
Wholesalers can’t sell deals
Retailers lose money
Rental housing providers don’t get the return on investment they’d hoped, and
Private lenders get into bad deals

On Saturday, August 13th, you have a unique opportunity to virtually “walk through” 3 properties, via video, with expert rehabber/cost estimator Jerry Fink, getting a detailed look at HOW he inspects, what he looks for, and most importantly, how he decides what needs to be repaired, what needs to be redone, and what can be left alone based on the end use of the property.

When you register by August 12th, you’ll get:

  • Jerry’s 90 minute “The (Necessary) Art of Estimating Repair Costs Right” class, delivered straight to your inbox (you’ll need to watch this BEFORE you come on Saturday)
  • His detailed property inspection checklist, which you’ll need when you go to properties yourself, so that you don’t miss anything when you’re on your own
  • His 2022 repair cost “cheat sheet”, which will be your basis for quickly estimating the costs that INVESTORS pay (that’s different than what homeowners pay, or what do-it-yourselfers pay) for all the major repair items you’ll see in most properties
  • 6 hours of live, interactive training on August 13, where you’ll ‘see’ the properties, talk through what needs to be done to them and why, and come up with real offers based on the real repair costs
  • The recordings of the workshop for your learning library

Classes like this one usually cost up to $1,000, since there’s usually an expensive bus rental involved and a maximum attendance of 10-20 people (because, you know, only a certain number of people can actually fit in a standard-sized kitchen).

But thanks to the magic of Zoom, we’ve been able to bring your price for this skill-building day all the way down to $97 for members, $197 for non-members* (if you register by August 12th; you’ll need at least a couple of days to do the ‘pre-work’).

*which is a silly price to pay, since you can join REIN for just $25 a month, save $100 on your registration, and quit anytime…

 You’ll get 10x the value in new knowledge, better ability to make the right offer, and more confidence in doing that, though— and if you don’t agree, just ask for your money back, and we’ll give it to you.

Register now, so we can send you the “Art of Estimating Repair Costs Right” 90 minute video—your pre-work for this event—to start on right away.
Register HERE—and members, remember to log in to get your discount!

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