February Main Event

Shaun McCloskey is back at REIN!

The 4 Steps to Building an Insanely Profitable Real Estate Business (that You’ll Also Fall in Love With) with Shaun McCloskey

So much of what we learn about real estate is strategic: HOW do I [find deals, get money, manage tenants, do renovations].

And that’s all important, but if you want to build a profitable, sustainable, and FUN real estate career, it’s JUST as important to step back and ask bigger questions, like:

·         “Am I sure that I’m focusing my time and efforts on the right things?” 

·         “Is the strategy I’m pursuing the right fit for me, in the long run?”

·         “Am I building a business that supports my bigger vision for my life, or one that’s going to consume all of my time and energy?”

·         “Am I loving what I’m doing, or do I do it for the money?”

Here’s a big secret that goes against the grain of what you may believe about real estate success: it’s not about who you are, or where you came from, or how hard you hustle. It’s about doing what most people don’t: thoughtfully, intentionally designing a business that fits your vision, your lifestyle, your passions, and your personality.

Our Featured Presenter, Shaun McCloskey, has been helping some of the highest-level real estate investors and gurus in the country do exactly that for over a decade, and now he’s making a very rare association appearance to help US have a more prosperous AND joyful 2020. You’ll leave this meeting knowing:

·         Why goal setting alone doesn’t work. Not for ANYONE.

·         Why making business plans based on financial considerations alone is the certain death of your business

·         Why working more hours in your business probably makes you LESS productive

·         How to create a strategic game plan for your business that will ACTUALLY get you from where you are now to where you want to be in just 6-12 months—not years or decades, like it takes most people

Start the decade off right, with the tools you need to envision and build not just the business, but the LIFE that creates the meaning, impact, fulfillment, and prosperity you’ve always dreamed of.

Win/Win Relationships – Realtors and Real Estate Investors



As all real estate agents know, most clients only buy and sell a house every few years. So, in the meantime, how do you get clients?

  • Referrals?
  • Cold calling?
  • Social media marketing?

How would you like to have a “little black book” full of real estate investors who:

  • buy multiple times each year?
  • can close on time ?
  • have proof of funds and loan commitment letters ( instead of just a pre-approval)?
  • know what they are looking for in properties

Why should YOU join REIN?

Join REIN now and put your career on the fast track – www.reintn.org/join.

You will foster relationships with other real estate professionals, such as:

  • Contractors
  • Lawyers
  • Rehabbers
  • Service providers
  • Private lenders
  • Realtors
  • Landlords
  • Marketers

These professionals will help you reach your goals.  You will achieve your goals faster with the help of the professionals you meet in REIN.

Benefits provided by REIN that are NOT provided by your brokerage:

  • Alternative lending solutions for you and your clients
  • Networking opportunities
  • Regular networking opportunities
  • Educational seminars so you can learn what works (& what doesn’t)
  • A captive audience for your listings
  • Wisdom from seasoned investors
  • Professionals with the tools to help you close more listings

Professionals join professional organizations because

  • Member newsletter specifically tailored to the needs of the industry
  • Member discounts
  • Networking
  • Conferences and conventions
  • Web access
  • Access to a member directory
  • To be a blessing to others

Join REIN now and put your career on the fast trackwww.reintn.org/join.