All of the Info You Need to Make $5,000 or more!

Real Estate 101 – November 6-7

Sure, there are tons of expensive, out-of-state bootcamps and seminars out there that will help you take the first steps toward becoming financially independent. But…there is Vena’s Real Estate 101 workshop that is affordable, comprehensive and will teach you what you need to know to make money in real estate, Guaranteed! Best of all, Vena’s workshop takes place November 6 & 7 in Nashville!

RE101 will build your knowledge from the ground up. It will give you the education you need to start making deals and making money right away! You will learn:

  • How to create a business plan that guarantees success
  • How to choose the best strategy for YOU
  • How to appraise properties accurately
  • 8 ways to buy properties using none of your own $$
  • How to wholesale, retail, lease/option, and rent properties successfully

When you register to attend this class today you will receive:

14 hours of live, up-to-date strategies, Vena’s 200 page course manual, a CD Rom with all contracts from the manual, the RE101 “Forms and Contracts Supplement,” and 3 months of personal email support!

Even if you’ve never bought or sold a property in your life, Real Estate 101 will teach you how to make money and build wealth in the highly profitable, proven business of investing in real estate

Register today!