September Main Event

Asset Protection, Saving Taxes, The Power of Retirement Plan Investing, and More…

September 12th, 5:30 – 8:30 PM


How to Make More Money And Keep More of What You Make with John Hyre, Esq.

Here at REIN, our only goal is to give you the tools you need to get wealthy as fast and as safely as possible.

From the active, excited, got-your-back local colleagues you need to meet to advice from the smartest local and national experts, we work our fingers to the bone to bring you what you need to succeed.

And we think you’ll agree: we’ve OUTDONE ourselves this month, by dragging John Hyre, the most knowledgeable asset protection/tax savings/retirement plan attorney we know, out of Puerto Rico for a night of implementable, money-making, money-saving advice!

A tiny taste of what John will share: 
– Why the REAL truth about corporations is way more complex than you’ve been told, and why spending money on them might be a waste
– Why the current fad of “1 entity per property” be a bad idea
– How your 401K can own a company, and that company can legally pay you a salary
– How you can take active losses on a short-term rental if you’re a w-2 employee
– And most importantly, he’ll leave time for questions and answers about your tax, asset protection, and retirement plan questions.

 If you don’t know John Hyre, you need to…his asset protection, tax, and retirement plan growth strategies are real, proven by hundreds of his clients, and up-to-the second.

We’re so sure that YOU need to know this that we’re letting first-time guests in free when you register on our website for a guest pass, but you have to pre-register HERE to make sure you have a seat!