Saturday In Person Seminar:

Save Taxes, Protect Your Assets, Supercharge Your Retirement Plans / John Hyre

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                   If you are interested in top quality tax & asset protection education (and a lot of Q&A) you’ll be with us LIVE, in person, on the 17th to find out:

 What your attorney didn’t tell you about structuring your business for both tax savings AND asset protection: like why all that expensive asset protection you’ve invested in will get blown away like a Kleenex in a hurricane in court, unless you’re following the proper corporate formalities (and 99% of real estate investors don’t even know how to do that, but you’ll learn it in this workshop)

 Why something you’ve probably never looked at seriously—Opportunity Zone Investing—is the best tax break EVER, and how pending legislation might make it even better

 What “Real Estate Professional Status” really means, and why you need to be vigilant about getting and maintaining it (unless you just LIKE paying too much tax every year)

 Why “Checkbook LLCs” are often a bad idea given new case law – and when they are still a good idea

 How to get tax-free income AND tax deductions—and also how to do financed deals in your IRA that minimize or eliminate UBIT (and if you don’t know what UBIT is or why it’s bad, you DEFINITELY need to be here) and a discussion of Hyre’s favorite SDIRA/401k planning techniques.

 How your Roth (that’s tax-free) 401K can flip houses (or run another business) and—get this—pay you a salary to work for it. Yes, legally.

 Important tax & entity structuring details for short-term rentals – including when they are treated as “rentals”, when they are treated as “hotels” – and why it matters a lot.

And, Best of All…

 When you register (in advance, of course), you’ll get the chance to send in questions you’d like to hear answered ahead of time, and John will answer as many of them as time permits!