REIN Saturday Intensives Series

We’ve analyzed the 2022 market and what you’ve told us you most need to know to take your real estate business to the next level, and used that data to schedule 23 cheap, detailed Saturday workshops, taught by some of the most successful, experienced real estate investors in the U.S.

They’re all online, so you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to learn from them (and we won’t have any ‘delayed due to nasty weather” incidents!)
They’re all ‘live’ on Zoom, so you’ll get to ask your questions and learn from the questions of your fellow members.
They’ll also all be recorded, and you’ll get a download for your real estate library of every single one you register for.

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All REIN Saturday Intensives come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; attend, and if you don’t believe you got 10x the value, we’ll refund your tuition, no questions asked.

January 15th Hands-on Online Workshop:
How to Create Your 12-Month, Really-Gonna-Do-It-This-Year Real Estate Success plan with Damon Remy

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM Online

Your best 2022—in terms of profits, efficiency, and time to do what you love—isn’t going to come from just “setting goals”. It’s going to start with a real vision, move on to a detailed, actionable plan of activities, systems to make sure those activities are actually done, and a whole team of people who support, help, and encourage you. Don’t waste another year living your less-than-best personal and business life; take a day to learn about and MAKE a success plan that makes you richer and happier in 2022.  

REIN Members: $47
Non-Members: $97

On January 15th, business coach/multi-time multi-million dollar business creator Damon Remy will guide you through the process of envisioning, organizing, and planning YOUR perfect business for 2022. In this online, hands-on workshop, you’ll actually work ON your business instead of IN it.


You’ll create (yes, actually create) a vision for how your business should serve your life, and the lives of your loved ones, using a framework Damon will provide, and has used himself to build multi-million dollar businessesYou’ll learn to smash through procrastination and excuses by creating a clear, smart, actionable, 12-month plan for making that future vision your current reality 

You’ll discover how to keep your business organized and on track with a handful of key systems for marketing, business management, and money management

 You’ll find out how to overcome one of the biggest challenges of being a solopreneur—accountability—by tracking and measuring your progress according to “leading indicators” and “key performance indicators”

 You’ll build an ‘accountability chart’ for all the critical tasks in your business, and get a result that tells you WHO you need to hire when it comes time, plus get a framework for HOW to hire them

 You’ll identify the biggest obstacles to your profitability (some may be lack of resources, some may be wheel-spinning, and let’s face it, some might be YOU and your habits), and how to annihilate them in the next 90 days

 You’ll learn about the critical importance of the “90 day cycle” in your strategic planning, and how to implement it

 You’ll get crystal-clear on exactly what you need to do in the next 12 months, and this time, it will be the RIGHT things, with less second-guessing and wasted time.

That’s a lot of promises for a one-day workshop, but it’s all real—and it’s a complete business-changer.

In fact, when you attend, you’ll agree that it was the best thing you ever did for your prosperity (and sanity) or your money back.


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