May Main Event – Pete Fortunato / Swap Your Way to Wealth

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Why use dollars to get what you want, when you can use agreements?

How to Swap Your Way to Wealth

              You’ve heard the story about the Canadian who started with a paperclip and traded and traded and traded until he ended up with a house, right? (No? Here’s the Wikipedia Page about it).

              That’s pretty much how Pete Fortunato has lived his entire life: trading used cars for options on houses, trading free and clear houses for better houses with mortgages, trading time shares for notes, and dozens of other examples.

              In fact, Pete likes swapping just about anything for just about anything, as long as it doesn’t involve having to have actual (taxable, inflation-susceptible) dollars.

              Instead, he likes to find out what other people REALLY want (“A working car for my daughter!”) and give it to them, instead of what they SAY they want, but really don’t (“To sell this house”) in exchange for what HE wants (an option to buy said house in the distant future)

              Yeah, it’s all pretty sophisticated and advanced…until you understand that all you’re really doing in finding out what other people want, and getting it for them, and profiting in the process.

              And that’s exactly what you’ll learn at REIN’s May 11th Main Event: the art of ‘exchanging’ (not in the 1031 way where you have time limits and a IRS restrictions, but in the people-to-people way where you use what you have, or can get, to get what you need so that you can get what you want.)

              Oh, heck, we can’t explain it. Just be there. You’ll be so, so happy that you did. But you need to register below to get the link to join us…