Online Saturday Class

July 23, Estate Planning for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

8:00 AM – 3:00 PM Online


We’ve all heard the horror stories about real estate entrepreneurs who die, or become unexpectedly disabled, and leave their heirs with a MESS of:
– Assets that they don’t know about, don’t understand, or don’t know how to manage
– Debts and obligations that they aren’t aware of, or don’t know how to fulfill

 Our whole goal for you is that you end up with lots of diverse assets (traditional and short term rentals, notes, options, everything you’re interested in), and while that’s great for YOU, it can be a nightmare to your to untangle family unless YOU’VE made a robust estate plan, including:
– A complete list of your assets, debts, entities, and where the paperwork can be found for all of them
– Detailed instructions about how to handle them (hire this property manager, get this note servicer, sell this option to this person) in the case of your death or disability
– Powers of attorney or other documents that allow them to take control if you’re alive, but incapacitated
– Or better yet, a LIVING TRUST that makes a lot of this seamless

 Whether you have kids and grandkids that you’d like to enjoy the fruits of all of your hard work for generations to come, or you’re looking to leave your stuff to causes you care about, YOU NEED THIS ONLINE CLASS.

You’ll learn:
How a living trust might be the best solution for owning your assets now, and passing them on without probate when you’re gone
How your will, powers of attorney (health care and durable), LLCs, and trusts fit together to make it easy for your family to take care of YOU, and themselves, if you become disabled
Why owning your properties in “land trusts” isn’t estate planning
How some work NOW saves taxes and fees for your family LATER
Why an updated asset list plus a “Dear Honey Letter” can take most of the stress of figuring out your estate off the backs of the folks you leave behind, even if they don’t know anything—and don’t want to know anything—about real estate
How to keep Medicaid from taking your assets away from your heirs
How certain insurance policies can make it easy for your family to KEEP your stuff, instead of having to sell it

 Yes, this workshop is unique, targeted to YOUR needs, and intensely detailed, and  you’ll want to listen to over and over…

That’s why every registrant gets not just the live event, but the recordings, as well—you’ll want to listen over and over as you put what you learn into wealth-building action!

 It’s just $97 for members, $197 for non-members*, and it’s backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you don’t agree that the information you get in this online intensive was worth literally 10x the cost, we’ll refund your tuition, no questions asked.