Online Masterclass – How to Use Specialized Partnerships to Grow Your Wealth Faster

Saturday, May 13th
8 am – 2 pm CENTRAL
How to Partner Your Way to Wealth
in the Crazy 2023 Real Estate Market
with “Equity Sharing Partnerships”
Presented by Dave Corsi
PHP: 1 hour contract law; 1 hour negotiation; 1 hour purchasing; 1 hour finance; 1 hour exit strategies.

          Let’s review the current market conditions:

  • The housing market has slowed enormously.
  • Interest rates on mortgage loans have more than doubled.
  • Homeowners are having a hard time affording the payments on the house they want.
  • Investors are having a hard time finding deals that make sense from a cash flow/return perspective.

          If only there were some strategy that let you solve these problems people are having, and make a tidy profit…

We Get Paid to Solve Real Estate Problems…
And the Profitable Solution to THIS ONE

Is an Old Strategy that’s Become New Again…

          Dave Corsi, president of Metro REIA in New Jersey and long-time creative real estate investor, says that it’s time to revive a time-tested strategy that most investors have forgotten: Equity Sharing Partnerships.

          Equity sharing lets people with money partner up with people with deals in a way that gets BOTH partners the wealth-building, cash flow, and tax breaks they want—and it’s one of the most flexible, adaptable, and exciting techniques you can have in your toolbox in a high interest rate market.

          He’s been doing these deals for 3 DECADES, and he’s going to spend a Saturday showing you how to do them, too.

          You’ll learn:

  • Why giving equity in a deal is often more profitable to the work partner than borrowing money, and why getting equity in a deal is often more profitable than lending money for the money partner
  • How to find your “partners”, and what to look for in one (this is CRUCIAL if you want a money-making, drama-free partnership!)
  • How equity sharing can help homebuyers afford houses in a rising interest rate world, and give you an amazing long-term wealth building and tax saving opportunity
  • How to make every deal a Win-Win—with examples of how different equity sharing agreements are constructed differently, depending on the needs of the “cash partner” and the “work partner”
  • How you can use Equity Sharing with OTHER creative real estate techniques (like Subject to, owner carrybacks, and so on) to make EVEN BETTER deals

You Should Attend if You…

  1. Aren’t finding enough profitable deals to make you happy (Because Dave will show you a whole new KIND of deal that your competitors don’t even know to look for)
  2. Need long-term money for deals (Because Dave will show you how to find and vet partners)
  3. Have money that you’d love to get invested (Because Dave will show you how to go beyond the usual “make a hard money loan” thinking and get real growth and tax breaks, too

When you attend, you’ll get:

  1. Starter forms and documents that you can’t find anywhere else, including:
  • The “What to look for in users, partners, and deals” checklist
  • The “What paperwork do I need” checklist
  • The Equity Sharing Promissory Note for subject to deals
  • The Mortgage Note with Option Buyback
  1. Recordings of the entire workshop for your permanent real estate library—so even if you can’t attend on the 13th, you’ll get all the information!

          Members are $47 and Non-Members $97* (and Express Success Members, as always, are free) through May 11th ($67 and $127 after), and as always this workshop comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: you’ll be convinced that it was a day well spent, or we’ll refund your tuition!

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          Like all of our online masterclasses, this workshop comes with a full moneyback guarantee—you’ll be convinced that this detailed information will make you more money, or your tuition back!

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          All-day Online Masterclass: Partner Your Way to Wealth.

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