Online Creative Deal School

Wednesday Nights 6:00 – 7:30 Central
March 8th-April 12th, 2023

      If you’re a fan of creative finance deals (and if you’re not, what’s wrong with you?? They’re awesome!!) and you’re always looking for ways to hone your understanding and abilities, you’ll love this free (members only) series of online workshops with mega-creative investors Vena Jones-Cox and Bill Cook.

       It’s 6 sessions that each dig into one important benefit, skill, or aspect of making creative deals. Register for the entire series; if you miss a week, you’ll get the recording to add to your personal deal structuring library.
       But you should attend “live” if you can, both because that’s your chance to ask all your questions and because …
       No matter what, you should register, because you’ll get more of both the big picture of how creative deals work AND detailed instructions about the best ways to find, negotiate, evaluate, and close lots of kinds of creative deals.


Wednesday, March 8th: The Best Ways to Buy with No Banks (or hard money lenders or qualifying) in 2023. ONLINE Creative Deal School with Vena Jones-Cox and Bill Cook. A 6 Wednesday night class series to show you how to negotiate, evaluate, and structure deals with sellers, partners, and private lenders

Wednesday, March 15th: Yeah, but What Do I Offer? Online Creative Deal School Week 2: How Much Can I Offer? Vena and Bill show you the logic of deciding how much MORE you can offer a seller when your offer is a creative one.

Wednesday, March 22nd: How to Talk to Sellers About Financing Their Properties for You. Online Creative Deal School Week 3: How to Talk to Sellers About Creative Deals. Learn what to ask sellers to decide whether a creative offer is the right one for them, and how to show them the benefits (not “convince” them or “talk them into it”)

Wednesday, March 29th: Creative Deals with Private Lenders and Partners. Online Creative Deal School Week 4: Creative Deals with Private Lenders and Partners. Vena and Bill will show you CREATIVE ways to work with private lenders (so you’re not paying hard money rates or giving away ½ of your deals)

Wednesday, April 5th: How to Pick the Right Creative Deal Structure for YOUR Property. Online Creative Deal School Week 5: How to Pick the Right Structure. There are so many creative deal structures, from subject to to partnerships. Learn to evaluate which is right for any given deal.

Wednesday, April 12th: The Technicalities that No One Teaches. Online Creative Deal School Week 6: Getting Your Deals to the Closing. Theory is one thing; understanding how to actually CLOSE a creative deal is another. You’ll learn about the due diligence and documents this week.