Online Class – Protecting Yourself With Contracts

Jim Roberts, Attorney 

Online REIN Class – Members Only!

      Contracts can be confusing. Especially when there is page after page of legal terms that us non-legal people might not understand.
        AND Buyers, Sellers and Investors all have different needs when it comes to drafting contracts. Do not let a misunderstanding of legal terms destroy a deal!
        REIN Members join us this Thursday August 18th online for our class on how to:

Protect Yourself With Contracts
6:00 – 8:00 PM
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The class will focus on:
– When is an offer not an offer?
– What actions constitute acceptance of an offer?
– How can you get out of a bad deal without getting sued?
– Who really benefits when litigation starts? (Hint: not you).
– How to prevent being sued when negotiating a deal.
        An attorney is one of many tools you need to be successful. But YOU must understand the deal’s terms from both sides. Successful investors know which words to use in every situation. Know the difference before you get burned!

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