November Main Event

Landlording – 7 Tips to Consistently Get Paid Over 100% of Your Rents every month / Mike Butler


In Person ONLY at Oak Hill Assembly
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville TN 

5:00 – Food Truck & Networking

5:30 – Breakout Sessions
Real Estate Investing 101
Ask The Pro
Commercial Investors Group

6:45 – Market Updates
Join us for market updates with REIN President Elliott Hallum

7:00 – Main Event

REIN is privileged to have seasoned pro and bestselling author Mike Butler November 8th – in person!

Mike was formerly an undercover police detective in Louisville, KY. He began buying fixer uppers and renting them to make extra money, instead of working “off duty” moon light jobs like many of his fellow police officers. Mike discovered how profitable investing in real estate is and bought an average of 2.5 rental properties every week while working his full time job!

To do this, he created a brain dead simple system to get over 100% of his rents every month and achieve true financial freedom. His unique and proven system allowed Mike to safely catapult his investing business. In fact, he owned and operated 75 properties while still working as a cop, starting wtih less than $1000, and never borrowed from banks or hard money lenders.

Mike’s investing success has been featured in Money magazine’s featured article Can Real Estate Make You Rich? and The Wall Street Journal Radio Network with over 170 syndicated radio shows. He has authored the book Landlording on Autopilot, #1 Best Seller Business Books on Amazon. Mike Butler enjoys training and helping millionaires and future millionaires and is a sought after featured speaker and trainer at real estate seminars all across America.

Meet Mike Butler on November 8th and discover his simple, proven techniques to increase your cash flow and profit, slash your time and effort, and keep your great tenants for decades. Plus:

– How to get 20 Nice Rental Houses PAID FOR…and do it safely in 3 to 5 years
– How to Get Over 100% of Your Rents! Every month
– How to Get Your Moving Tenant to Get Your Unit Ready to Rent while paying rent
– 17 Brand New, Unique Strategies – more profit while saving your precious time
– Get Tenants to Beg You for a 3 year + lease
– Why You Must NEVER Call Yourself a Landlord
– Brand New! New Tenant Orientation for New and Renewals
– Secret Weapon gets Tenants to Gladly Pay for Chargeable Repairs
– Screen tenants in 15 minutes or less, the same way, every time, every application
– Learn How Find Great Tenants, like “Shooting Fish in Barrel” when you know the barrel will be full.
– PLUS, Dozens of FREE tips, techniques, and resources ready and waiting for you to “Flip The Switch” for extra income while saving your time.
– Put Your Landlording Business on AutoPilot for more money, time, profit and life!

Get this on your Calendar now and show up *in person* (these tips are so good that they cannot be shared online!)