March Main Event

How To Do Real Estate Investing While Still Working A Day Job

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5:30 Break Out Sessions
Ask The Pro – Justin Cutler
Real Estate 101 – Sam Warf / Rural investing

7:00 Main Event
If you’re working a full-time day job, then investing on the side can be a challenge. You’re balancing family, friends, work, daily tasks, getting enough sleep, and you only have so many hours in the week to do it all. Face it, you still think you can do it all, but how can you be the best YOU at the same time? Is it tough sometimes? Do you wonder how others do it? Some people just seem like super-humans with the amount of things they can get done. How do they do it? We’ve assembled an amazing panel of 5 adept ‘plate spinners’ who manage a crazy schedule to share their best secrets with us at the March Main Event.

– Brian Bailey started investing in 2011 while working full time as a commercial insurance broker. He rehabbed and flipped to build up capital, and then transitioned into buying long term rentals. In 2017 Brian quit his job and went full-time into real estate. On Monday Brian will share how he decided when it was time to quit, and what he needed to have lined up before he turned in his notice.
– Jim Roberts is an attorney who sues people to recover money and/or property. Jim practices in the area of debt collection, residential evictions and property recovery in state and federal bankruptcy court. Jim’s practice includes business law, corporate formation, real estate litigation and probate matters. Jim’s done raw land and commercial, residential, and a 130 acre farm in Dickson.
– Bernard Smith serves as the director of administration for Pillsbury Nashville, where he manages and coordinates operational needs for attorneys and staff. Bernard is responsible human resources, office administration and facilities management. Bernard is also the President of Middle Tennessee Association of Legal Administrators and secretary for REIN. Bernard is a proponent of the Buy and Hold strategy with single family homes.
– Frank Woods’s corporate life has him responsible for requirements, development, deployment, training, support, and measuring KPIs. Frank works from home with the flexibility (and challenge) of managing his own calendar. He’s set up supporting investing businesses and gotten his General Contractor license. Frank’s looking to scale his investing to replace his W-2 income.
– Brian Buckelew runs a tree cutting business now, but his background is Child Development, Neuro Development, ministry, and more. Brian seeks off market buys for passive income through institutional and creative financing, short-term rentals, long term rentals, and flips with owner financing. Brian’s got some time and mindset management tips for us.

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