June Main Event

How to Borrow All the Money You Want from Banks / Robert Mohon


        With the Fed holding rates at historic lows, banks are DEFINITELY the best source of long-term, fixed rate financing for assets today.

        Whether you’re a starter, estate builder, or ender, you need to hear what long-time housing provider and “Professional Bank Customer” Robert Mohon knows about borrowing, building credit, and building wealth. Unlike most investors, he’s actually bothered to learn about the inner workings of the banking system, and the tips and tricks he discovered have let him (easily) borrow skads of money to build his portfolio.

Robert brings us valuable insight on:

• The 5 things that make you irresistible to lenders
• What you absolutely MUST do to protect yourself (that no banker wants you to know)
• The attitude and posture you want to have with bankers
• Why a line of credit is YOUR gold standard, and how to get a bank to agree to give you one
• The dirty but awesome secret of how banks actually work, and how you can take total (legal) advantage of it
• What a “trash bank account” is and why you need (at least) one
• The “other” credit score that you’ve never seen and only banks use
• How to boost your credit score immediately and legally

       Robert built a portfolio of single-family homes that now support him completely, using no private money or creative financing whatsoever—just his hard-won knowledge about banking and credit. Bring your borrowing and credit questions, and make real life application of this knowledge in your life today.

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