How to Use Small IRAs to do Big Deals

You don’t have to contribute a lot of money to your retirement account in order to GET a lot of money in your retirement account: you just need to know how to use smaller dollars to create bigger returns.

Saturday July 22nd ONLINE
8 a.m.- 2 p.m. Central

All-Day Online Intensive:
Spend a Saturday Finding Out
How to Turn Your Little Retirement Account
into a BIG Retirement Account
FAST with Real Estate
with John Bowens, National Education Director, Equity Trust Company
And Real Life Investors…

Stalled out in your retirement planning?

Wondering how you’ll ever grow those little contributions you’re allowed to make into a hefty retirement income?

Worried about running out of money if you live to be 115?

Join the club—most Americans don’t have nearly enough in retirement savings and investments to live comfortably (much less take care of any serious health care or housing needs) once they stop working.

You’re different than most Americans, though: you know about real estate as an inflation-hedged asset, and you know that you can do all sorts of low money down, high-returning investments with your retirement account.



Then your future self BEGS you to spend Saturday, July 22nd, in this online workshop so you can get started NOW on creating an affluent retirement with a self-directed retirement account + some guidance on awesome, small-dollar investments that will let grow your little IRA (or 401k, or H.S.A., or CESA) into a big one.

Learn all about it and get your link to join us—or just get the recordings when it’s over—HERE.