February Main Event

Al Williamson – How to Create a Profitable Extended Stay Airbnb in 30 Days Using None of Your Own Money


Monday February 13th
5:30 – 8:30 PM
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville TN

Many AirBNB hosts are facing strict city ordinances and licensing requirements that severely limit their ability to make extra income. You may be one of them. But there’s still hope. At our meeting you will discover how you may be able to generate the same above-market income by providing AirBNB as extended-stay rentals. Many people are even able to boost their cash flow enough to replace their W-2 jobs using the information Al will be sharing.

Al’s going to cover the tips and techniques he’s used in many different modes of real estate investing, including turning around inner city houses and neighborhoods, an inexpensive way to avoid costly plumbing issues, why vacancy is a function of marketing, and how he makes money off of corporate rentals even when he doesn’t own the property.

1 – Discover how to instantly know if your market is suitable for making a fortune with extended stay rentals.
2 – Uncover the secret to securing a “workforce rental” and furnishing it with/without using your own money.
3 – Hear how to make a furnished rental more findable so you can maintain a 95% occupancy all year-round.