February 14th Main Event

Quit Buying Houses and Start Buying Income

5:30 – 9:00 PM
Oak Hill Assembly
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville


Meet a 14-year-old with 35 rentals and his family of power investors at the REIN Main Event.

What you’ll discover when you join us Monday, February 14:

– Why you need to buy hard assets, especially now
– How to effectively run a business with today’s inflation and what parts are most affected
– How to use debt logically, without getting too much or too little
– Why $15 minimum wage is good for landlords
– How to buy great deals from a retiring landlord
– Why now is a great time to buy
– How to visualize investments as cash-flow generating boxes
– How to stay motivated

Parents Eric & Lila Wohlwend have been full-time investors since 2003 and have repositioned more than a thousand single and multi-family residential properties as well as many types of commercial property. They have used millions of dollars of private money to finance their real estate deals and use systems for management and operations to maximize value.

The Wohlwend kids, Deven, age 14, and Ethan, 12, both bought their first real estate at age 7. either used any money or credit from their parents. Deven published a book at age 11 and has been interviewed on multiple podcasts and has spoken in 6 states.

They have recently fought overreaching governments from the city to the federal level. In 2020, when the CDC declared that landlords could not evict, they took on the CDC. The family, and some fantastic lawyers, beat the CDC in the Cleveland federal court. This helped to restore the rights of all owners to evict people from their properties.

When they are not buying more real estate, Eric & his family travel the US, Canada & Mexico in one of their private planes training other investors to do what they are doing. They speak on Creativity, Action, Management, Arbitrage, Systems, Private Lending, and How to take on the Government. In their free time, they travel everywhere they can to learn, teach and spend time with other like-minded individuals, like you.


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