April Main Event

Dynamic Deal Structuring, Investing with NO Limits!
Maria Giordano


Monday April 12th, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Attend in person at Oak Hill Assembly
or online at www.reintn.org/calendar

The real estate market has changed dramatically over the last few years. Techniques that were used a few years ago no longer apply. You must be able to effectively negotiate on real estate deals using a proven system to make you more money. Discover the hidden secrets on how to find these deals right in your own backyard and the right strategy to profit from them.

The exact blueprint of what Maria did to quit her job in less than 6 months will be revealed. These strategies work for buy and hold, wholesaling, fix and flip and more. It is paramount that you know the real estate investing secrets of elite investors. They understand the power of using little to no money of their own to invest in real estate, and so should YOU. Know how you can effectively structure deals to build long-term wealth and stop working for someone else.

• Best techniques to market for profitable properties. (It’s worth attending for this reason alone. Most seasoned investors don’t know these strategies, but you will.)

• Secret Strategies to negotiate amazing real estate deals. (Unlock negotiating strategies to close more deals and make more money.)

• Why “yes” is bad and “no” is good. (The old school sales books have been teaching it all wrong and we’re going to show you why.)

• Killer creative deal structuring with both sellers and private money partners. (Become the only logical choice for your sellers and private money partners.)

• How you can make more money without having to spend more money. (The power of empty pockets.)

There is a potential deal in every property, and I’ll show you how. Deals are made not found. By tying your marketing, raising private money, and your negotiations knowledge together, you will unwrap creative ways to structure deals. You will see there are infinite ways to structure deals and you’ll be exposed to a few and expand them into the many. I show when to hold, when to flip, when you need private money, and when not to share your deals. You’ll be able to invest without limits and I can’t wait to show you how. Join me on this journey and I guarantee with this knowledge you’ll be able to create long term wealth and make numerous key legacy moves.

Join us on April 12th – in person or online – to see how easy it is to start building your business and grow your wealth. Sign up TODAY at www.reintn.org/april2021