Webteam Video Test 001

This is a test to see what is going on & make sure the system is working.

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Independence Video Sale

Independence Video Sale 2010

Great news!

The REIN Store is now open!

And to celebrate, we are having an Independence Sale through the first week of July.

All streaming videos available are $10 off.

Check out the first 3 videos today.

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Videos: Now Playing : How to Transition into Real Estate as a Career

One of the 2010 initiatives of REIN, started in 2009 with recording video, is to provide a portion of the recorded videos to the REIN members as a part of membership.

Today we are promoting a full length video available currently only to REIN members.

Titled How to Transition into Real Estate as a Career, this Table Topic was a part of a series focused on the next step for developing a career as a Real Estate Investor. Lynn Cawthorne discussed with Robert his journey in July 2009.

NOTE: REIN members must first be logged in before the link to the video will direct you properly. If you are not logged in you will be directed to a login page, and once logged in you will want to use the link again.

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