Eddie Speed to Speak at January 2012 Meeting

Eddie Speed has dedicated his professional life to the specialty of seller financing. Having purchased more than 30,000 notes, he knows a lot about seller financing.  Eddie has brokered more notes than any other individual in the business. His knowledge, experience and insights are unsurpassed in this industry.

Eddie’s business experience ranges from running a successful two-person shop to operating a company with more than 50 employees. Over the years, he has introduced innovative ideas and strategies that have altered the way the industry operates today.

While purchasing seller-financed notes from real estate investors, Eddie recognized a serious need and growing demand for seller-financing instruction. As a result, he began training and mentoring these professionals on how to create the highest quality notes. He has developed a variety of training opportunities for note professionals, as well.  

Attend the January monthly meeting and learn how to:  find quality note owners, market efficiently, negotiate effectively, and finalizing transactions. 

Mark your calendars now to attend Eddie’s educational yet highly entertaining presentation on Monday, January 9 at 7:15pm in the Swang Business Center on the campus of Lipscomb University.