Show Me the Money!

Getting the Bucks to Close Deals Today

The market today is different than it was just a few months ago. Rules have changed. More people are lending.

What do you need to know to borrow – or to sell your deals to borrowers? Who has the money? What are the requirements? What are the costs? Do I need good credit? How do I get a start a relationship with a new lender? When does short-term borrowing make sense? What should I avoid? What are sure signs my deal is dying?

Join us at your REIN General Meeting on Monday, January 13, 2014 at 6:30 pm to get your money questions answered. We’ve assembled a panel of seasoned money lenders who will teach us:

– the current state of borrowing with each type of lending
– mistakes they see investors make
– how to get the most money from them
– what’s coming in the next few months

Reserve your seat today!

Tips, Tricks and Traps

Brace yourself for a step-by-step, no-baloney, nose-to-the-grindstone presentation from top investors John Weary and Dale Hire at this month’s General Meeting.

Join your fellow REIN Members at Lipscomb University to learn:

  • What Seasoned Investors are Doing in Today’s Market
  • Tax and Financing Tips – smart ways to buy houses in this market, financing options for your investments, cash flow from real estate, and more
  • Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Again… the time IS right

For New Investors:

  • The Niche You Need to Master FIRST – Should you start with wholesaling?  Flipping?  None of the above?
  • How to Build a TEAM that Will Take You to Success (contractors, bird dogs, etc.)
  • What to Read, Who to Hang Out With, and How to Spend Your Time – to play in the big leagues you need to walk the walk
  • Where to Find a Mentor – and what to avoid
  • What Your First Year in Real Estate Should Look LikeMarch 2013

About the Speakers…

John Weary and Dale Hire began investing in Real Estate over 20 years ago. In addition to managing their own portfolios, John and Dale have done many deals and have conducted numerous classes for REIN Members about smart investment strategies.  Both are passionate about helping families and individuals achieve financial freedom using proven investment principles.

Monday, March 11th, 2013

(2nd Monday of every month)

Swang Business Center, Room 108
Lipscomb University
3901 Granny White Pike, Nashville, TN 37204
Members: FREE
Guests: Always welcome!  Register online at to save time.




Networking Night – Nashville – February 8th

This meeting is packed with information and ideas to propel you to investing success in 2010!  Build your network and your net worth when you join us.  Investors new and old will come together at 7pm for a short session on how to netowrk the right way.  You’ll learn tips and tricks from seasoned investors around the nation.  After learning to network the right way, we will break into smaller groups and put your new tools into practice by teaming up others for a Seasoned Investor Q & A.

Mark your calendar now and bring:  Your smile, Notepad and paper, and a Big Stack of your business cards!

Past & Future Stories – Nashville SIG – January 11th

The REIN Seasoned Investment Group (SIG) was organized to expose the veteran and/or more established REIN members to investment options other than real estate. But SIG as a group undoubtedly has years of successful investing experience. In the January SIG meeting, we want you to share a few of your best and most positive investment experiences (real estate or otherwise) with your fellow SIG members. Some of our deals will far and away exceed some of the opportunities other non-REIN members have brought to us.  So, go ahead! Strut your stuff!! How did you find the opportunity? What were the details? Is the investment still active? What kind of investment capital was required? Feel free to share as much or as little as you are comfortable sharing, and bring copies of any information that you feel will be helpful.

In addition, since it is a new year, let’s talk about what you would like to have happen in 2010. What types of presentations have you found most beneficial? What presentations weren’t so helpful? Why? Ed Meek, REIN president for 2010, will sit in as well and will be interested in suggestions, and will have a question or two for SIG members as well.