REIN Home Tour – Nashville – February 27

Everyone tells me that the investment real estate market in Nashville has changed!  Should I change my approach?  If so, how?
Learn how several of your fellow REIN members are answering that question (AND MANY MORE) on the next REIN Homes Tour.

The REIN Homes Tours (RHT) are a long-standing REIN offering that are widely viewed by those attending as one of the most beneficial educational opportunities available to REIN members and guests.  It provides a unique, hands-on opportunity to visit and talk with several REIN members who are actually “making it happen” on a day-in, day-out basis with their properties in the Nashville area.  Best of all, this isn’t something you’ll see on television, it’s real, it’s what is happening, and it is what is happening here and now in the current market.        

Typically those on the tour will visit 6 – 7 properties that REIN members are currently renovating for rental or re-sale.  The Presenting Investors may have just purchased the property, the rehab may be partially complete or it can be ready to sell or rent.  An information sheet is available for each property that outlines the scope of the project, actual or anticipated costs, projected profits, suppliers and contractors utilized, and other relevant information. At each property, the Presenting Investor will make introductory comments about the property and then be available to answer follow-up questions.

Tour attendees are traditionally a mix of newer investors and others who have been involved in real estate for many years.  All REIN members, and their guests are invited and encouraged to attend but the number of seats on the tour are of course limited.  The networking opportunities that usually develop on a Rehab Homes Tour is another benefit received, particularly since many segments of the local market have noticeably (and for some dramatically) changed.  Come prepared for a fast-paced, information packed tour.  Questions are encouraged and, by the way, wear comfortable shoes. 

Advance tickets for the bus are only $15.00 for REIN members ($30.00 for guests) and can be purchased at the Tours committee table at the monthly meetings or on-line at the REIN via the new and improved REIN web site at  by selecting this event on the list of scheduled events. (Note: If available, seats purchased the morning of tour will be priced at $18.00 for REIN members and $30.00 for guests.)

Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. at the REIN Educational Center, 2416 Music Valley Drive, #151 with the bus returning by 1:30 p.m.