Asset Protection: What you Must Know about Lawsuits and Taxes

No longer can you simply buy a house, fix it, rent it, and get rich over time.  You have many hands in your pocket – Thieving Tenants, Uncle Sam, and Murphy’s Law.
You must plan properly to protect your assets from the tax man and the lawsuit man.  
REIN proudly brings you 2 experienced professionals at February’s General Meeting.
Robert Notestine, Attorney at Law, has 5 college degrees and 25 years’ experience in real estate, zoning law, development, title insurance, commercial law, and landlord-tenant contract law.
Henry Martin, CPA, helps structure tax reduction strategies to maximize income.  Henry has a securities license and a background in Audit, Personal and Corporate Tax, Estate Tax, and Business Valuations.
You’ll get the low-down on Asset Protection at this Special Event:
– what are assets – and what are NOT
– business entity structuring
– how taxes apply to different types of entities – or don’t apply
– why a sole proprietorship may make sense when starting out
– how to avoid lawsuits
– how to title your assets
– why liens can be your best friend
– and answers to YOUR questions
If you have ever asked a legal question and been told to ask your tax person, or vice versa, then this is the meeting for you!  Learn how it all fits together to bring you short-term and long-term asset protection from taxes and lawsuits.
Invite a friend and join us at REIN’s General Meeting for this very important Presentation.
When:  Monday, February 13, 2012, from 7:15 to 9 pm
Where:  Room 108 of Swang Business Center, Lipscomb University, 3901 Granny White Pike, Nashville, TN 37204