“What Would I Do Differently” – Tonight

Experienced Members will share their worst mistakes, how they fixed them, and what they would do differently next time. We will learn from the best and have fun along the way!


REIN’s Best Kept Secret Revealed  6:00 –  6:30 (Room 108)
Learn how your REIN website saves you money and time. Attend this session for plain-talk basics on how to log in, sign up for a class, and easily send a message to another member without knowing their email address.

Plus, you’ll see REIN’s Members Only ‘facebook’ to grow your network and get you more deals.


Networking 6:30 -7:15 (Room 108)

Take time to network with other members and guests. Bring your business cards and meet 3 new people. Look for the stars on name badges that show if the person has rental properties, renovates or has other interests.  Match your stars with others of like interests. Take time to introduce a guest or new member to others by helping the ‘red vest’ people. You will meet more people and learn more about REIN in the process!


“What Would I Do Differently?” starting at 7:15 (Room 108)

Expert Membership Panel


If you’ve ever done a real estate transaction, surely there was one part of the deal that you wish you had done differently!  Maybe you didn’t have your documents reviewed by an attorney.  Or one time you didn’t do proper due diligence and lent money to someone you wish you hadn’t.  Maybe you didn’t correctly assess the true cost of that rehab project and it cost you more than you thought.  Have you ever just one time decided to not inspect a property before you purchased it – and it cost you?

Part of being a REIN Member is celebrating our deals and the successes that many of our Members experience.  It’s awesome to learn how to do things right by the examples set in REIN.  It is also useful and imperative that we learn how to avoid the costly mistakes that our Members may have made on past deals – and learn how to do things better the next time.

We’ve asked REIN Members to take the stage and share the mistakes they have made – from big deal-breakers to minor flubs – and talk about how they fixed it.  And how they’d handle things differently next time around.  This will prove to be an entertaining evening for sure!  We will learn from each other’s mistakes and become better investors in the end.


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