How to Collect 100% of the Rent

Everyone’s favorite “Mr. Landlord,” Jeffrey Taylor, returns to REIN Monday, May 13, 2013.

Join us from 7:15 to 9 pm as Jeffrey teaches:

*What I’m Doing Differently in the Last 3 Years to Take My Rental Business to Another Level

*10 Point Action Plan/Checklist to Maximize Your Positive Cash Flow

*How to Collect Additional TIP Money Beyond the Standard Income

*What to do to Leverage the Tremendous Value of Your Greatest Rental Assets

Enjoy a meeting you won’t forget. Jeffrey is a crowd favorite, teaching while he makes you laugh. And, he’ll have a special discount for REIN members who want his trade-secret Landlord’s Handbook.

See you at the Swang Business Center at Lipscomb University!

Cops show up at November 12 meeting

Crime and Punishment.  Breaking & Entering.  Meth, Mayhem and Misdemeanors.  Get it all when the cops show up at REIN’s November General Meeting!

Sergeant Taylor Schmitz of the Metro Nashville Police Department brings 10 years of stories and sage advice to REIN’s General Meeting on Monday, November 12th, 2012.   











Learn what you need to know to keep you and your stuff safe, and get the facts and fiction from the local 5-0:

–          Gang and drug dealer indicators – and when it’s just kids with mischief on their minds

–          How to keep your tools and appliances from walking off – and who is likely stealing them

–          Protecting your job site and those on it

–          Protecting your family at home and in public

–          Why a dog really is your best friend

–          The 4 Ds of Crime Prevention

–          How you can help the cops use 74-CRIME to easily catch bad guys

–          The one thing you can do to reduce your chances of car theft by 49%

Sgt. Schmitz got roaring applause after his recent presentation to a local Homeowner’s Association.  You will enjoy his humor and his message during this interactive and educational meeting.  Join us Monday and bring a friend.


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Neighborhoods Get Hands-On Help to Save Energy

Have you ever wondered how to weather-strip and seal an exterior door, or how to caulk around windows and baseboards? It sounds simple enough, but walking into a home improvement store to get supplies can be overwhelming.

That’s why Nashville Electric Service (NES) is heading out into the community to engage customers by teaching easy, energy-efficiency improvements that anyone can do at home.

NES will host its first of several Neighborhood Energy Savers workshops to help customers proactively lower their energy usage. Meet your neighbors. Save money. Win-win, right?

When:  Saturday, Oct. 27, from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Where: Johnson School
1200 2nd Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37210.

Participants will receive a free energy-saving toolkit, including caulk, expandable foam, low-flow aerators and showerhead, CFLs, weather-stripping, and water heater pipe insulation, as well as an action plan for saving money. And, the best part is, you can get your hands dirty and try out all of the techniques before putting them into practice.

“We want to show customers how easy it can be to save energy by completing a few simple steps around their home,” said Sara Elliot, NES Energy Services Engineering Supervisor. “Armed with the knowledge and necessary tools to make small changes, we hope to empower neighbors to make their neighborhoods more energy efficient.”

For more information regarding future workshops, visit

More Profit, Less Work = More Time for Your Life!

Mike Butler doesn’t talk the talk.  He walks the walk.

And he wants to help you achieve your financial freedom!

Monday, July 9, at the REIN Education Center, you have your chance to discover how so many other investors just like you have used Mike’s strategies and techniques to:

  • Actually Get Paid More Than 100% of Your Rents!
  • Monitor Your Rehab costs in Real Time
  • Only Complete System for Real Estate
  • Repair Requests and Work Orders made easy
  • 7 Brand New Profit Centers for Landlords
  • Benefits Wholesalers and Fixer Uppers
  • Single Family, Duplexes, Multi-Family, Commercial
  • Hard Money Lenders, Seller Financing
  • Brand New 12 minute DVD video for Every New Tenant
  • And Much, Much More!


As you well know, this is a hot topic, so don’t be left out!

Successful and Superstar Investors have systems!

Register now to reserve your seat in this incredibly insightful look into the world of automating your real estate business.



How to Fill Any Vacancy in 72 Hours in Today’s Competitive Market – For Top-of-Market Rent

Wouldn’t you like to know how to do THIS! (We thought so.) REIN is pleased to announce March’s Featured Presentation by Jeffrey Taylor – nationally known as Mr. Landlord.

Mr. Landlord wrote the bestselling books “The Landlord’s Survival Guide” and “The Landlord’s Kit.” He is America’s number one landlording coach, with 25 years’ experience. He founded, a website for rental owners.

Are you completely frustrated with your houses sitting empty? Or worse – having poor performing residents in them? Are you ready to hear from someone who has a *waiting list of ideal residents*? Then you can’t miss Mr. Landlord’s Featured Presentation at REIN. He’ll completely transform the way you see landlording.

Ease your landlording headaches.
Do far more than just survive as a landlord.
Learn secrets to keep residents for 6 years – yes, six years!

Get to this Special Event and let Jeffrey Taylor show you how to fill your vacancies fast, even in a dog-eat-dog market.

When: Monday, March 12, 2012 from 7:15 pm to 9 pm

Where: REIN General Meeting, Room 108 of Swang Business Center, Lipscomb University, 3901 Granny White Pike, Nashville, TN 37204

Register now at