Low Interest Loans now available for May 2010 flood structures

REIN has just received notification from The Housing Fund and the We are Home Flood Recovery Program that low interest loans are available to REIN members through the Purchase and Repair Assistance Program.

Low interest loans are now available for investors, nonprofits, and owner-occupants interested in buying and rehabbing structures in Davidson County impacted by the May 2010 flood.

Additional details can be found at www.thehousingfund.org/floodprograms.html or you may call Stan Feener or Melanie Lawrence at 615 780-7000.


Flood Recovery Guide by Metro Codes Department

The Nashville / Davidson County Department of Codes and Building Safety has released a six page pdf [download] focused on the steps one needs to take to repair a damaged house.

Here is one section for example:

The repair and inspection sequence for flood damaged properties:

  • Now that you have your building permit, the next step is to secure the services of a licensed electrical contractor and a licensed HVAC contractor to inspect electrical and HVAC equipment which may have been submerged in flood waters.
  • Do not install drywall or cover the electrical or HVAC systems until the following has been completed:
  • The licensed electrical and HVAC contractors will obtain electrical and HVAC permits associated with the repair and replacement of any submerged electrical, HVAC systems or any part thereof. The licensed contractors will complete their work and call Codes for inspections and approvals.
  • After the Electrical and Mechanical work has been inspected, insulation must be installed in the exterior walls and floors to meet the requirements of the adopted energy codes. Walls must be insulated with R-13, and floors must be insulated with R-19.
  • After installing insulation and before hanging the drywall, you will call the Codes Department’s Building Inspection Division (862-6550) and request a “framing inspection”. Upon receiving our approval of the framing inspection, you are then free to hang the drywall and complete the remainder of the repairs.

Department of Codes and Building Safety [Website]
Flood Repair Permit Information [pdf]

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