Saturday Masterclass: Investing With No Limits, Wealth Builder Blueprint – in person! April 15th

Get exposed to investment strategies that you can implement immediately.

These skill sets will be the building blocks to your successful real estate investing future.

Learn the strategies that will give you quick cash now and long-term wealth.

Elite investors today are using Subject Tos, Wrap around mortgages, and seller carries to rapidly build their real estate investment portfolio without the need for banks and regardless of credit.

Know the secrets to simple profitable deal structuring.

The first step is to fine-tune your marketing by finding sellers with real estate problems. Uncover the types of problems these sellers have and how you can provide them with the best solution.

Deals are made, not found – when you attend this session you’ll see why. Every successful deal starts with your negotiations. Get the 6 essential elements you must be using in every seller negotiation in order to create a profitable real estate deal.

Put together simple profitable deals that 99% of other real estate investors never thought of. Know what to do with every seller and for every situation the seller presents. These strategies will work with long-term or short-term rentals, fix-nflip, wholesaling, and buy-and-hold strategies. Come away from this exciting event with a blueprint for your real estate investing.

1 – Dynamic Deal Structuring strategies to profit from any deal. Learn beginner to advanced money-making strategies.
2 – Master the steps to finding “Off Market” properties.
3 – Get the 6-Essential Elements you need to be using in your negotiations with motivated sellers to close more deals.
4 – Making Offers – I’m going to show you what is the one thing that is missing from 99% of all real estate investor’s offers. Why most investors are failing to get their offers accepted.
5 – Supercharge your real estate investing with the most proven way to start making money in real estate without cash or credit.
6 – Get the blueprint for buying on subject to and wraps.

Register here – seats are limited at this in-person event.

Fast Track to Wealth with Real Estate Rock Star Ron LeGrand

You have a unique opportunity to join Ron LeGrand for lunch and a hands-on, all-day workshop to work leads you bring to the event when he comes to Nashville December 10.

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