Apps to help Grow Your Business

Below is a list you can use!  The list contains names of apps that can aid you in growing your Real Estate Investing business.

Home Snap: Uses your camera and the GPS built into your phone to get instant public information and data on properties just by taking a picture.

Camera+: Adds additional controls to the built-in camera to help you take better photos, especially in low light.

Magicplan: Creates floor plans and room sizes by taking interior pictures of the home.

Dropbox: A storage drive where you can store and share files. In our business, this is a phenomenal way to exchange real time information from the field to the office.

HammerPoint: HammerPoint is an iOS app that allows you to quickly create detailed repair estimates for any job. You can create new reports for each project, and the app will actually walk you through each item that may need repairing, auto filling a description of the work details (fully edit-able) and even offers a suggested cost for that repair.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas: Houzz is a really fun app which allows you to quickly navigate through over a million high quality photos of properties to get ideas and inspirations for your own properties.

JotNot Scanner: JotNot is an easy to use app that allows you to turn your iPhone into a portable scanner and share your documents via email, Evernote, DropBox, Google Drive, and more.

CamCard: CamCard allows you to snap photos of business cards and organize them, You can also download them in a detailed contact list or excel file.

TheAnalyst: Last but not least is TheAnalyst.  TheAnalyst spits out a summary of IRR, CAP rate, COCR, GRM, LTV, DSCR. It projects cash flows out 5 years based on your assumptions and also outlines sales proceeds at the end of year 5. A few graphs are included and a PDF you can email.

Special thanks to REIN Member Wayne Woodson for providing this vital information.