The Only Thing Constant is Change

Experienced Investors Share Stories and Secrets of Their Success in a Changing Marketplace

Join us at REIN’s General Meeting to meet three ladies who have successfully made change work for them – and hear the story and learning they got from a major financial loss they took on a project.

Darbi Bolton began her working life in the music industry.  Unexpected shifts led her to real estate seven years ago.  Darbi was a short sale specialist for more than four years, until that market changed, too.  For the past year, she and her two business partners have assembled quite a team to take on Nashville-area renovation and rehab projects.

Anje Dowler trained and worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist for many years, providing care and comfort to others through self-employment in her personal service business.  Then, real estate called her.  Anje got her real estate license in 2011 and hasn’t looked back.

Jenny Bell comes from a school administration background, having been a principal for many years.  After retirement from that field, she wanted to reinvigorate her love for the construction industry with property renovations.darbi


Darbi, Anje, and Jenny now work together daily to find, fund, fix, and flip neglected properties.  They will explain what they do – and what they don’t do – and why.  Plus, they’ll answer questions from the crowd.  Come hear what they have learned, so you can minimize your chance of loss and build your investments better.

REIN General Meeting



Monday, February 10, 2014 – 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Martin Professional Development Center
2400 Fairfax Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee