Available food near the REIN Education Center

2416 Music ValleyDrive, #151, Nashville, TN 37214
(most of these are walking distance and will accept “to go” orders for pickup)

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store – meat and 3, breakfast
2406 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN
357 ft SouthWest
(615) 883-5440

Scoreboard Bar & Grill – bar and grill with indoor smoking allowed
Music Valley Dr, Nashville, Tennessee
150 feet West
(615) 883-3866

Caney Fork Fish Camp – fish and steaks
2400 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN
450 feet SouthWest
(615) 724-1200

John A’s – bar and grill
2421 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN
0.1 mi SouthWest
(615) 885-1540

McDonald’s – fast food
201 Rudy Circle, Nashville, TN
0.1 mi NE
(615) 391-5263

Shoney’s – meat and 3, breakfast
2645 McGavock Pike, Nashville, TN
0.1 mi SE
(615) 885-0568

Bob Evans Restaurant – breakfast and lunch
200 Rudy Circle, Nashville, TN
0.1 mile North
(615) 889-9266

Sokho Thai – oriental
2450 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN
0.2 mi N
(615) 883-6050

Santa Fe Cattle Company – steakhouse
2520 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN
0.5 mi North
(615) 885-7852

Waffle House – breakfast and sandwiches
2727 McGavock Pike, Nashville, TN
0.4 mi SouthEast
(615) 885-5113

Don Beck Rocks REIN with Latest Buy and Hold Rental Secrets

The average life of a landlord is three years.

No, they don’t die—but they do get out of the business… because they didn’t screen properly, use a landlord-friendly lease, or have a strong control system in place.

On March 14th, Don teaches REIN Members and Guests hard-won advice on the most profitable strategies and methods for managing those rental properties that you bought for “no money down.”Don Beck left a tenured teaching position after only five years of investing to manage full time his growing real estate portfolio.

It is Don’s contention that too many people learn the no money down concepts and other fancy acquisition techniques and then fall flat on their faces because they have no idea of how to control tenants.

Before they know it, the tenants are controlling them by not paying the rent! And the positive cash flow property quickly turns negative. Smart Investors avoid this trap by putting as much time and effort into learning good property management skills as was spent learning creative ways to buy property.

Thousands of students from around the country have benefited from Don’s tried and proven “Down to Earth Landlording” techniques that he shares with REIN.

Don is a real leader.  He has been President of Philadelphia’s Diversified Real Estate Investor Group and has served as Board of Directors and Training Cruise Chairman for the National Real Estate Investors Association.  His accomplishments have been featured on CNBC, Smart Money magazine, and numerous radio talk shows.

Don’s training at REIN will jump start you into doing the things that make the difference between success and failure.

Register today at www.reintn.org/don.

Find a Mentor at Lunch & Learn

Not sure where to begin or how to get your Real Estate career off the ground?  REIN is helping bring seasoned investors and new investors together by offering Lunch and Learn.

Log in as a REIN member on the REIN website.  Then visit www.reintn.org/lunch for the list of seasoned investors who are willing to share their knowledge to help you kick-start your Real Estate Investing career!

Bring your Sweetie to REIN for….

Valentine’s Expert Panel Night!

REIN Members Share the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Making Real Estate Investing Teams Work

Valentine’s Day is all about loving your Sweetheart. But don’t pay full retail by eating out or buying roses and candy on this night! Come to REIN and hear your fellow married and unmarried REIN members share their tips and tricks on how they successfully invest in real estate – with or without help from a spouse.

[original image by Carmela Nava]

REIN brings Tax Saving and Landlording Tips to your December meeting!

Taxpayers! Learn about year-end Tax Planning (while you still have time to act), and 2011 pending Tax Law Changes you MUST know. Plus, learn how Buy & Hold Rentals can produce long-term wealth for you. <More>