Main Event – Legendary Lady Investors

Main Event – Legendary Lady Investors

NEW LOCATION! Woodmont Hills Church, 3710 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN 37204
5:00 Registration, Free Food, Networking, Table Topic Discussions

5:30 Break Out Sessions
Ask The Pro
Real Estate 101
(And maybe a pop-up surprise session)

6:30 Guest Session 

7:00 Main Event 

 Join us for an inspiring panel discussion on real estate investment with Lisa Carter, Cindi Raffield, Madelyn Retersdorf, Grace Shockey, and April Wiggins. Each of these successful investors has a unique story to share, as well as valuable insights and strategies for building a successful real estate investment portfolio.

Lisa Carter is a full-time investor who has successfully flipped six properties since 2018. Her properties are in emerging markets or paths of growth within a city. Lisa holds a BS from Lipscomb University and will be sharing her approach to a buy and hold strategy.

Cindi Raffield is a newer investor who has been balancing the challenges of raising three children while trying to start and grow her real estate business. She will be sharing her experiences of feeling defeated and winning, highlighting the importance of life balance in investor growth.

Madelyn Retersdorf has been investing for ten years while raising her children and working as a part-time substitute teacher. She stumbled on the opportunity to buy model homes and lease them back to the builder, allowing her to enjoy walking half marathons and having a goal to walk one in every state.

Grace Shockey is a successful realtor, Airbnb host, and #8 listing agent in Nashville in the 2022 Mid-Year Awards. She is currently building a new mid-term rental business and has a passion for creating opportunities for investors to build their wealth through real estate.

April Wiggins is a seasoned investor with 14 years of experience in a wide range of real estate investment strategies, including wholesaling, subject to, seller financing, land contracts, short sales, notes, fix & flips, rentals, and raw land. She has a business mission to offer solidly built homes in modest neighborhoods at affordable prices for homeowners and renters wanting above-average design and comfort.

The panel discussion will cover a range of topics, including investment strategies, market trends, and balancing family life and real estate investing. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals in the real estate industry. Be part of the magic on Monday, May 8, 23 at 3710 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN 37204. Register now at to secure your spot!

How to Do Subject To RIGHT

        Yes, we know: you want to know how to buy properties “Subject To” the existing loan, so that you can take over other people’s mortgages with little or no money down and no qualifying.

But it’s actually really hard to find real education about all the techniques, paperwork, and legalities of this super-hot strategy, so we’re bring you a real-life investor who’s also negotiated and document a TON of these deals for investors in her former life as an attorney…

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Our Featured Presentation this month is from Lee R. Phillips

In our January Main Event meeting, Lee will show us how to use the law to our advantage and tax tips to get the most out of real estate investing. Lee is a nationally-recognized attorney who has helped thousands of audiences understand the latest asset protection, business structuring and tax techniques. He is a counselor to the United States Supreme Court and holds licenses in law, real estate and insurance.

Don’t lose your property and your money to the legal system. Let Lee show you how to protect yourself.

Your CPA has never told you about the tax tips Lee will show you at The Main Event and the class this Saturday, January 18.

Discover the difference between retiring and living the good life or retiring broke on Social Security. Lee tells you how to use the law to keep what you make and show you how to make it faster.

The legal system is the most powerful system we have in our nation today. See how to use it to make more money and how to use it to protect your assets.

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Our Annual Event is THE place to meet the best vendors in the region to build and grow your investment business to higher, more profitable levels.  Massive cash grand prize drawing at 8 pm, plus nearly 100 other prize giveaways – your chances of winning are excellent – just for showing up. (But you must be present to win)click here for more info and grab your spot

Fast Track to Wealth with Real Estate Rock Star Ron LeGrand

You have a unique opportunity to join Ron LeGrand for lunch and a hands-on, all-day workshop to work leads you bring to the event when he comes to Nashville December 10.

Watch the video below for more information!

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