Vacation Rentals Made Easy (STR, VRBO, Airbnb)

Welcome to the family. ~ Brad

For years Brad has been running a short term rental business in Branson and helping others build their own too.

Below are three ways you can learn all you need to know to find the right properties to use as a Short Term Rental (STR), manage them so that they are easy, and achieve your financial dreams.

There is a core package that includes physical books, and online masterclass. Then you can also join for an intensive live event that many of our REIN members have been to.

Because of what I learned from the online course and live event, my first property is a home run. STR is my focus at least the next 3 years.

Vacation Rental Profit Playbook (Core)

This set of books are designed to give you a foundational understanding of everything you might encounter with Vacation Rentals. Go at your own pace.

Some of the topics in the 28 chapters:

  • Top Tips to Boost Returns
  • Six Ways To Own
  • Locating An In Demand Area
  • Questions For Your CPA
  • Neighborhoods and Governments
  • Property Management Company vs. Self Management

Online Vacation Rental Masterclass (Core)

Play by play course is everything you need to start making money with vacation rentals. Learn to analyze your market, buy profitable properties, and manage with minimal effort to create massive passive income. Additional topics will be added on a regular basis. This covers all the topics of the Vacation Rental Profit Playbook in audio and video and more.

16+ modules, including:

  • Step by Step Walkthrough of setting up a VRBO listing
  • Step by Step Walkthrough of setting up an AirBnB Listing
  • Getting 5 star reviews, every time
  • Questions to ask before you buy
  • Power Team – it’s a little different from other Real Estate Investing Businesses
  • 7 ways to take traditional Real Estate Tactics and apply them to Vacation Rentals

Also includes documents, spreadsheets & systems to accelerate your growth.
You get a full year access to this course.

Learn To Earn VR Live Bootcamp

Over the course of three days, you will meet others who have been successfully running their Vacation Rentals for years, professionals who are a part of the Power Team for people like you, and others who are just starting out.

The three days are a combination of exercises you will use when evaluating properties for yourself, discussions on how others have solved common issues, and a tour of properties in the Branson, MO area.

You have the option of a single ticket with the core, or two tickets together.



  • Profit Playbook
  • Online Masterclass
  • Live Bootcamp

REIN Price: $997

All for $1,089.25 including taxes

Core + Bootcamp

  • Profit Playbook
  • Online Masterclass
  • Live Bootcamp

REIN Price $1,797

All for $1,963.25 including taxes

Core + Bootcamp X2

  • Profit Playbook
  • Online Masterclass
  • Live Bootcamp for 2 people

REIN Price $2,497

All for $2,728.00 including taxes