The Millionaire System / Alan Cowgill

Private Lending Made Easy: The Millionaire System

The Millionaire System is a combination of 3 systems.

1. The Premium Home Study System.

This system has all the tools you need to attract private and convert lenders from strangers and folks you know while keeping you safe.

The website price is $997.

2. The Wealth Management Home Study System.

This system is how to manager lenders from A to Z after you get your 1st lender.

The website price is $797.

3. 8-Attorney created SEC audios.  

Hours of SEC training from my personal SEC attorney. 

My SEC attorney not only covers the Federal SEC regulations but also each individual state.  There is no other SEC attorney in the USA that covers both Federal and all states.

The website price is $597.

 The Millionaire package is important because it teaches students how to attract, convert and manage any level of potential private moneylenders while giving them the training on how to navigate the SEC compliance rules safely.  And it includes all the tools to get the job done.

The Premium System components:

238-page manual with 8 audios.

24 forms on a forms website that allows the student to fill out their contact information and within 10 minutes ALL 24 forms are fill out with their information and they are ready to go find private lenders.

Audio Business Card

(audio CD to attract lenders with a Radio Announcers voice),

Quick Start audio CD & manual.  Also, a 5-step Quick Start plan.

Done for you 24-slide PowerPoint presentation to lenders (different from the one in the Basic System. This is the presentation I used to get my 1st million dollars in private lender money.

A sample disclosure (fill in the blank)

Sample credibility kit on CD-ROM,

Scripts to lenders.

4-chapters on the SEC rules & regulations.  One chapter is on the student’s individual state.

The Wealth Management System components:

138-page manual.  8 audios. 17 forms

3 key management reports


1. All audio CDs also provided digitally.

2. 1-year hotline with me to those that qualify (1st X number to buy).

3. Audio CD of a 45-minute discussion with one of my lenders.

4. Transactional funding access.

5. A hot list of private moneylenders for the whole nation.

6  Free upgrades for life.

The Total website price is $8,416.

Event price is $997.

Where To Get The Money Boot Camp. 

I have two 4-day live events

One, a business management event, I bonus for free to The Basic buyers.

 The other boot camp is one they need to pay for to attend.

That event is called Where To Get The Money and I’ve sold for $4997 in the past (and I’ve had 2 folks from Australia show up).  

 It is an AWESOME event and we raise private money in the 1st 24 hours of the event.  We have raised over half a billion dollars over the past few years.  

 It is a powerful example on how easy it is to raise money.

At the event, I cover not only, how to attract and convert folk into private moneylenders but also, how to manage the lender process from A to Z, the SEC regulations, 2 implementation plans. One for finding lenders and a 2nd one on the SEC, plus my new Path To Wealth (how & when to ask for money) and much more.

To attend this event, they MUST own The Millionaire System ($997 plus tax) and pay $500.  So, $1,497 total for both (1589.22 with tax).

 System will be mailed to you and can be broken down into two payments.